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Hi All
Now I am looking into starting a small business. I love planning for events, Like baby showers, Hen's nights/weekends, Birthday Parties, Weddings etc.
Now i know there are plenty of ppl doing this but what my aim will be is to do everything, like make Invitations (once approved by client, Fill out and even post), Make cakes, Make favours for tables, make chocolates and Sashs for Hens Nights, Organise Accommodation if needed for hens nights and so on. I plan to do package prices and very reasonable as i know how expensive life can be.

Does anyone think this will pay off or does ladies out their like doing all this themself?
I worked as a wedding/event planner at a major venue for a while when I was at Uni. The margins are very tight so you would need to have a decent turnover in order to buy in bulk/wholesale etc.

These days, with the Internet, Pinterest, online businesses etc, you would have be able to offer something really extraordinary for people to decide not to DIY it (or use the venues event planner - which is often free). You would need to be able to show value for money from the get go, and that would be challenging.

If it was something you wanted to do as a cottage industry, hobby type job, then it would be great fun and a really positive thing to do. But I really think making any money from it would be really really hard.

very nice ideas.......

I hope you're doing well. If you're still serious about your business, a great garment bag can be useful.
Here you can find all the infos you need:
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