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What to wear tonight??? Rss

It's pathetic isn't it really. I'm a 40 year old woman stressing over what to wear to her work xmas party tonight! Can I get away with wearing shorts if they are "nice" as in black, smart, and nice fabric if I dress them up with an evening top and nice fancy shoes? Or am I too old to get away with that?

What would you wear? What is your "go to" outfit?
Never too old, if you're comfortable it sounds perfect! Dress shorts are a good option I wear them a lot myself. I have no go to outfit, I have too many :/

As long as they're not micro shorts with the pockets hanging out, I think you'll be fine grin

I don't have a "go to" outfit, it really depends on the weather and the place I'm going to.

What type of place is the party at?
It's at a cafe/restaurant/bar that has a function room upstairs with a balcony that we'll be in. And to be honest it probably won't matter what I wear as last year there were girls dressed to the hilt in fancy dresses, while one guy wore dirty shorts and a t shirt!!
Then I think nice shorts, with a nice top will be perfect smile
nice shorts and top with heels sounds good smile enjoy your party!

Thanks ladies, think I'll go with the shorts! I have a black sheer top with fancy sleeves that should look ok if I put a camisole under it. I'm sooooo looking forward to a night out as I only get to do it once or twice a year tongue
That sounds nice smile

I'm trying work out what to wear as well, DH's work show is on tonight! No idea as yet!

Hope you have a great night grin

And you too DW!

Hope you had a great time! I just wanted to mention that a garment bag is a great way to store your dress and travel with. Here you can find all the infos you need:
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