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what did you do for your childs 2nd bday? Lock Rss

i think an outing for the 2 of you is a lovely idea! On dd1s second birthday it was just me and her. We had a beautiful day at a playground and it was SO special. I remember that birthday over the others. We usually have a family dinner somewhere around their birthday, but we don't do parties very often, especially when they are so little.
We had a big first birthday party for our son last year, about 80 people in a hall, lunch, candy buffet etc.

This year we weren't planning on doing anything major but, as we're now having our second, I don't want the first to think he's forgotten about because there's another!

That in mind, we're thinking we might do something small for him...just our closest friends kids (about 15-20) at a play centre or park or Hungry Jacks even...haven't decided yet as it's in August (ages away) and we'll have another Christening to pay for in between so we're just going to wait and see.

Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with just planning something for yourself and your son if you feel that's best. I think it's an awesome idea to take them out and spoil them! If anything, don't go massive party, maybe just coffee and cake for a few of closest that night or something?
We've done a family party each year BUT between grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and a couple of very close family friends (who are more 'family' then friends, just not related smile ) there's only about 20 people invited so it's not a huge number of people. As they hit school age we're going to start alternating - one year it's a family party, the next it's a school friends party. He's your child though, so it really is up to you what you choose to do smile.

I think a day at the zoo or something could be fun. You could suggest to your mum that you're going to alternate what happens each birthday - one year is a party, the other year is an 'event' or outing of some sort etc. If you're really feeling pressured, you could turn the trip to the zoo/wherever into his 'party'. Just let them know that for his birthday you're going to .... and that if they wanted to join you they'd be welcome but that they'd be responsible for all their own costs (entry, their food etc) rather than them buying presents. That way anyone who wants to come can (and may weed out the 'extras' or those that aren't really that close to you but you feel you 'have' to invite) but there's no extra expense to you beyond what you're already planning, you can still keep the food he gets to what you're comfortable with because you're buying his food etc. It would also mean you don't get a heap of presents you somehow need to find space for smile.

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