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Wat was ur wedding day Like? Lock Rss

Hi guys, my name's Lizzie & I got married on the 17th March 2007.
my wedding day was like this:

It rained in the morning but fined up by the time of the wedding.everything before the wedding went to plan like my hair, make up photos etc...i was excited all day and didn't cry till i saw my mum halfway through the ceremony. but the reception was crap, don't get me wrong the food was great the decorations were great but my MIL is the biggest B***h you've ever met.

one of my mates has a dd in a pram and my MIL sent her through to the back tables because the table plan was supposed to be family @ the front & friends towards the back but the table plan got thown out cos everyone was complaining about where they were sitting.

my hubby & i ended up leaving by about 9:30 cos i was feeling sick & we had gotten all the formalities out of the way.

we went on our honeymoon the next day & had a great week away.

BUT I NEVER WANT TO HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN!!!! (unless i hire a wedding planner so i don't have to worry about anything)

My wedding day was one of the best days of my life!!! I got married March 10th 2001.It was a bit hairy weather wise but it stayed fine and very hot and sunny during the ceremony and photos.I didn't cry,wasn't nervous,I was thrilled and soooo very happy to be marrying the man of my dreams!
Our reception went off with a bang and everyone had loads of food,wine and fun.I enjoyed every second of it and have some awesome memories.I wish I could do it again and again! We had an excellent honeymoon on Brampton Island.
Now 6 years and 2 children later I wouldn't change a thing!

We got married on the 1st April 2007 grin

Huge drama's leading up until the wedding but the day was fantastic. It sprinkled while we were having photo's taken at the reception but other than that it was a beautiful day.
It was a very small wedding with just close family & friends grin
We spent a week in Melbourne for our honeymoon.
Love being married smile

In 5yrs time i want to renew my vows wit my partner so i can also have my other dream wedding... when i got married this year i got married in a church cos i always pictured being married in a church (plus my dad told me he wouldn't help pay if i didn't), but i also wanted to have a garden wedding, and his Grandma is a celebrant so we shouldn't have to pay for it.

but yea, so did anyone else have ideas after their wedding about how they could have changed it or was your day perfect and you liked everything about it?

and one more Q i know that i really enjoyed planning my wedding & i thought that i would love to help other people plan theirs. so my Q is did you enjoy planning your wedding and if yes would you consider being a wedding planner to help others plan their perfect day?

I did enjoy planning our wedding however I did get tired a lot because I was approx 14 weeks pregnant and I had a 10yo boy & a 6mth old boy at the time. We had a few drama's leading up to the wedding which might get quite frustrating after a while but I guess once you find yourself some reliable clientele it would be a lot easier. I am good at budgeting so I would be very helpful to people who want cheap weddings grin
Are you thinking about becoming a wedding planner?

yea i'm thinking about it but im preg wit #2 at the moment so id have to wait till next year till i decide wether or not i will. but i kinda need to find out how to go about doing it cos i live in a smallish city and i'd love to stay local for a while... does anyone know if you need a cert. or degree in business to start a small business?

hey there

My wedding was amazing i couldnt have asked for a better day i got married on 9th March 2007 the weather in the morning was a bit off but it fined up at the right time which was fantastic everything went smoothly the hair , make up etc photographer everything i had my wedding in the botanical gardens it was beautiful the reception was amazing more than words could describe i couldnt have asked for better it was a tough day though by the end i was so tired as i was 36wks pregnant ha ha ha call me crazy but oh well.

KD's mum i dont know where you live but as far as i know you dont need a degre to start a business me and my husband have our own business and none of us have a degree just knowledge and years of experience smile

We got married in September 04

The wedding was great and everything was going beautifully until we reached the reception venue and the DJ we had hired equipment wasn't working, but we partied anyway, then around 9.30pm the dj it working and we could have our bridal waltz.

I think my parents were more annoyed than DH & I.

Overall it was a great day. Loved it & will cherish it forever.

Had our honeymoon at Maleny for 1 week.

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies


Our wedding day went very well for us. We were married Feb 2003. We were engaged on Christmas Eve in 2002 in Sydney whilst on holidays and married 6 weeks later. Managed to get all wedding preparations done and everything organised in 5 weeks which we were pretty pleased with. Ours was a small wedding with family and close friends, catering after the ceremony (a garden one) and then only our immediate families off for the dinner. OUr friends and family all "donated" their skills/contacts for our gifts so our day was quite "cheap" - my sister worked in the winery so we got our wine for very very cheap, my friend's mum was a cake decorator so we got our cake for free, my colleage from work did photography for a hobby, and the list went on and on....

It was quite stressful regarding the inlaws and who they wanted to invite as well am my own parents on who they also wanted us to invite, but we stuck to our guest list and all went well.

Our honeymoon came later on in the year in Nov when we moved overseas to work and travel which we both loved.

Hay all,
I just reciently got married on the 07/07/2007 in sunny Fiji. The weather was beautiful and i could ntohave asked for a more perfect day there was no hassles and no major complaints at all. It was a nice and cheep way to get married everything we needed we got on sale and everything else was so cheep. We had about 50 guesta over all travell to Fiji with us.
If anyone is looking to get married i would recommend it 100% for the wedding co-ordinator, beach location fee, celebrant, village chior & wedding cake it ended up being $900 AUD (after the conversion) the full buffet dinner with seafoods meats salads vegies cakes fruit and pateries was $38 AUD
Where in australia could you get all that for the same price? and it was not that hard to organise. There are other things that they can arrange for you like flowes and if it is just the two of you jet setting off they will do a chapagne dinner for two and provide whitnesses. The funny thing is you can have a photographer come over from the main land for $450FJD wih one roll of 36 film for 4hr we were quite lucky to have friends there to take all the picks plus we had a friend that is about to start their own weddin photo business who had all new equipment who took the pics for us.
It is just such a shame to be back home int he cold weather bbbrrrrrr
Ok that is all

Alison 27yr NSW - Ella 4yr, Kylan 18mths, one in t

We're about to celebrate our 1st anniversary on the 5th of August this year.

I was really sold on the idea of a winter wedding, I didn't care if it rained all day! We picked the date because the 6th of August is our anniversary of being together but that fell on a sunday last year so we picked the 5th.

We were lucky that the day dawned bright and sunny with gorgeous blue skies and it stayed that way all day. It even reached a lovely 17degrees so standing in the sun it was lovely and warm.

We got married in the function room at a pub and had the reception there as well. Next door was a set of self contained apartments so I stayed there the night before the wedding and we had our wedding night there as well. I walked from our room to the ceremony, we have some beautiful video footage of me with my bridesmaids, flower girls and DS all walking to the ceremony together.

The ceremony was quick and simple and everyone except DH and I cried! Probably because we were too nervous! The reception was a cocktail reception so we got to mingle with everyone and it didn't matter if the kids ran around a bit.

If I could change anything I would have had more of a chat with the DJ beforehand so he had a better idea of what we wanted and I would have planned not to be 7weeks pregnant not having anyone other than the bridal party know!! I would have been further along or not pregnant at all (we were expecting it to take more than a month for me to fall pg) but then my DD wouldn't be who she is and I wouldn't change her for anything!

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

hi im alisha
igot married on the 20/7/07it turned out ok
my MIL was a bit of a pain but i just laughed
it off. my 11month old wore a suit he was
a little prince alday which was a suppise.
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