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Hi girls im getitng married in october 2008 and was after some money saving tips!!1 lets all share and see what we can help each other save on.

hi saratanna,

when i got married earlier this year i made my own invites($50), had a buffet (carvery roast meats $30p/p), my sister used a dress she already had for her daughter's flower girl dress, we also used the halo for her from my sister's wedding the year before.

We only used the linnen from the recepiton venue & anything from there that we could access for free, we had my husband's cousin by marriage do the photography ($250), my MIL bought some balloons for decoration, we went to cheap shops(warehouse,dollars&sense& crazy clarks) for the candle centre pieces, flowers were artificial & cost about $750 for the whole lot(bridesmaids(3),my(1)&flowergirl(1) boquets,button holes(9),corsages(2) & topary trees (2).

i got my dress on sale ($800 down from $1600), bridesmaids payed for their own dress ($190 down from $400), jewellery & shoes. we only used a cd player instead of a DJ or Dukebox at the reception as well.

so i reccommend doing as much as you can your self as it gives you something to do in your spare time if you have any (cos i know that you don't get much of that when you've got kids) or get some help from your mother, MIL & bridesmaids if you can.

I hope that this helps people

Chat again Soon


Yeah we are going to make our invites ourselves aswell. Just simple ones. We are making our own bonboniere noodle boxes and all tale decorations and wishing well cake bags guest book etc are all included in the price per person at reception 110. \

Im not going dress shopping till the jan sales so they should be alot cheaper. Most are 50-70 percent off being last seasons styles as such but when i look at them there all gorgeous!!!!

Im a bit iffy about spending a fortune on cars it just seems such a waste of money seen as we are having pics at the church then just the venue eschol park house so all we need to do it get form home to church to reception. Was going to get a ten seater limo for about 800.for after the service.

we have a family friend who does flowers.

our cake is about 400 all up.

And we will most likely just hire the mens suits form the same place we get my dress from as they do suit hire underneath.

Any other ways to save?

oh i forgot to tell you, we got our suits from rodger david (got a discount cos of how many suits we hired alot of places will do this), got the cakes from the cheesecake shoppe($95), we used all differnt cars my DH's Magna my sisters DP's ford XR6 a friend of DH's XR6 & FIL's Lancer(they were all different colors too i think it looks good to have the different cars).
we made our own bonboniere as well(so much cheaper).

Good idea to wait for the sales for your dress that's what i did. i can't think of anything else at the moment but when i do i'll let you know.

My tip would be to steer clear of bridal/formal shops when looking for outfits for the bridal party, as they tend to be overpriced.

I didn't want big formal dresses for my bridesmaids, but that's all I could find in the bridal shops - at $300 a pop! We went to a funky little clothes shop instead and got them little black cocktail dresses for $50. The bridesmaids received so many compliments on how great their dresses looked.

We also got our groomsmen suits at a men's fashion shop for less than $100 each, and they look modern and stylish - not like some of the daggy suits and tuxes we saw at formal/bridal places. lol
My bridesmaids wore $20 tops from target, they were a beautiful silver grey colour and black pants that they already had. They agreed to wear open toed black strappy shoes that they already had. No-one guessed how cheap the tops were, everyone thought they were from a designer store too, I had so much fun telling people where we found them.

My mum made my dress and all up it cost less than $100, the flower girl dresses I found at target for $16 each on sale. They were Barbie ones and the girls had little ballerina wrap tops to go over them. Again, you couldn't tell we hadn't spent mega bucks on them in a bridal store.

Our venue made our cake from a picture I supplied. It was going to cost $350 from the cake store, it was half that from the venue and you couldn't tell the difference.

We also only hired one car for the Grooms party to get to the ceremony. Ceremony and reception were held in the same place so we didn't have to travel and we only paid one room hire fee. I walked to the ceremony as the hotel I stayed in was next door.

Go to the cheap stores for bonbonierie (sp?) boxes. Also have a good think about your decorations. We had a cocktail reception so we didn't need table decorations. The room we were in had lovely exposed brick walls so all we did was add some candles in vases and some balloons (I didn't want flowers). Remember sometimes less is more!!

Thats all I can think of right now.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

I too made all my own invites, order of service books and so on. Found a great place that was really cheap for paper and you could take stuff back to them to cut up so they looked really even and professional, which I think was just a tiny bit extra. Got expensive chocolates for gifts direct from the factory (cute heart shaped ones in so many different colours). I used people that did things from home, like flowers and cakes, most were professionals that did work from home on the weekend for a bit of extra cash. Got my jewelery made instead of buying it, again from someone I saw at a market. I am in Vic and happy to give you some contacts if you like smile
Ohh and I went to all the fancy dress shops and even had an appointment with a couture designer to find out what style and colours suited me then found a local dressmaker to make it for a quarter of the price!
My tips are shop shop shop! dont stop till you find what you want at the right price. i got alot of my stuff online, if anyone would like the sites my msn is [email protected]
find a venue that has a great package, mine had a 4 1/2 hour drink package, limo, accomadation, and dj all included. i did my own invites and place cards although it was stressfull it was cheap. think about what you guests will remember the most, its usually food, drink and entertainment. however there are a few things i wouldnt comprimise on and thats my dress and the photography. also a good idea is hire your wedding dress..... yes yes i know what you are thinking but really its only going to collect dust. if you are having a small wedding go to your localy backery and ask them to make a plain cake a decorate it with your own fake flowers you will save hundreds. i love talking wedding stuff so feel free to add me on msn for a chat.

Sarah, Chloe 13 months

I did a lot of stuff myself bought coloured paper from Big w i think for the invites. Made my own center pieces, we had balloon towers with the 3 colours of our wedding. The gifts for the guests were homemade chocolates wrapped in foil which i bought on ebay. we had a family friend do the cake which cost nothing also had a family friends car for me and DH, that cost us a bottle of wine. My grandma made the bridesmaids dresses cost them $50 each. flowers we just set a budget and got what we could in the right colours. suits we got cheaper cause we hired so many plus paid in cash.

Tip dont skimp on the photographer, unless you know the person takes great photos

Nothing to see here folks!!

Hi my wedding is in january and all i can say is EBAY, EBAY, EBAY, EBAY!!! AND shop around, we are asking guests to pay for their meals instead of gifts (only $20) so we can afford to invite everyone we want to , both from large families and many friends. i bought the page boy suit, flower girls dresses, flowers, decorations, car ribbon, jewellery etc off ebay good prices and seem to be very reliable. Good luck with your day

I used fake flowers from Bunnings for my bouquet - means that they look exactly the same 3 years later as they did on the day PLUS it cost <$30! <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Also we needed to hire cars, there was no way around it, so I joined with Avis and hired 2 Astra Convertibles for the weekend. I got to have my convertible for the ENTIRE WEEKEND unlike hire car companies that work to an hourly schedule and charge through the roof. Added bonus was that as we left for our honeymoon the next day we returned the car to their office at the Airport and saved another bundle in what would have been parking charges whilst we were away. Only problem was that we then needed to be picked up from the airport on our return, but we had my family come meet us there anyway (you can't tell these people to go away! LOL) Also the drivers used were members of the bridal party.

My makeup was done by a friend of a friend who had just finsihed her course and needed to start a portfolio. I paid for the cosmetics as I was keeping them and let her take a pic of her work - too easy!

My dress cost $80 in total. It was the last dress of it's kind at Hilton's end of season sale <span class="emoticon grin">grin</span>

Have a look below at some of my wedding photographs from the day

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