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Just thinking about what to do for my 30th. I had the restuant thing for my 18th. I had a fancy dress at my 21st, wasn't a great success. Had a fancy dress for my dad's 60th, was a huge success.

I'm trying to think of something a little different. Maybe a cocktail party river cruise??? Any ideas would be great.

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what about a black tie catered party for something different? everyone can dress up and all can relax as the catering is already taken care of.

for my 30th, it was just myself and my bestfriend going to a day spa for pampering and then a dinner with DH and my best friend and her boyfriend at the Hyatt.

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My SIL had a Masquerade Party(sp) you know where you dress up and wear masks. It was fun.

You could incorporate that into a cocktail masquerade party.

Catering sounds like a good idea too, some of the party river cruises can be very over rated (well the 2 i've been on were a little boring and yuck) but if you know of a good one that would be a great plan.

All the best.

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