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Christmas gift ideas Lock

Hi My ds wants to give his 3 Kindy teachers and school teacher a present for christmas and I am s...

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You can also look at These guys have some very impressive retro nixie clocks


Secret Santa ideas for 10 year old boy Lock

We are going to an extended family thing on Saturday (DH's cousins and their kids) and we have to...

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That being the case, I think you can think more freely about the gift you want to give him. Send him a beautiful handmade gift or so...

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Tips for saving money this Christmas Lock

It's easy to blow the budget at Christmas time, but do you really need to? Here are some thi...

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Thanks for the tips Our childcare centre also wrote a nice article which might come in handy for everyone http://www.thelittle...

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3 fun cheap ideas for kids at Christmas Lock

Involve the kids in making Christmas cards for friends and family. We all know you could get a ...

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Christmas 2016 Lock

We thought it might be nice to start a thread about Christmas....feel free to share your planning...

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Christmas is around the corner! Lock

It's the 1st of December today which means that Christmas is around the corner! Have you sta...

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Some thoughts as we enter the festive season... Lock

It is important to remember that not everyone finds Christmas easy. Some people are not surrounde...

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It's almost Christmas Eve! How will you be spending it? Lock

Let us know who you'll be with and what you'll be eating and drinking!

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Are you suffering from anxiety or depression this Christmas? Lock

Some of the ways you can keep overwhelming emotions in check are to: - ask for help when you nee...

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Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Lock

What's Santa bringing your little ones?

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What's on your Christmas menu this year? Lock

Let us know what yummy things you have planned...

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Christmas Day Lunch will consist of Smoked Salmon Side, Butterflied Lamb with Rosemary complements of Salads will be Patatoe Salad, ...


Have you got any fun but cheap ways to celebrate Christmas? Lock

Share your tips and tricks with us!

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What have you got planned for Christmas this year? Lock

Will you be spending it with your family? Maybe it's your first Christmas either being pregn...

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Merry Christmas everyone! Lock

Hope everyone has an awesome day.

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Merry Christmas everyone have a brilliant day and look at the smiles on your kids faces when it all gets a bit much xx


What to ask for for my 4 and almost 6 yr old? Lock

My 5 yr old has her birthday a few days after xmas so need four ideas. I'm getting asked fro...

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I thought of one more New lunch boxes/ drink bottles

Have you... Lock

Nope, coming down tomrorrow!

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we take it down boxing day because the kids keep thinking that Santa is going to cum and put more gifts under the tree lol


what(if anything) did you leave out for Santa & reindeer? Lock

We left out a bucket of water and some oats we made at playgroup for the reindeer. The oats were...

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Christmas tree and star short bread with milk and a note my eldest wrote for him this is a pic of what it looked like in the mornin...


Merry Christmas Lock

Hey All, Would like to wish everyone on here a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thanks for ...

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When are the Carols on TV? Lock

Do any of you know when the carols are meant to be aired on TV? There are usually two that get ai...

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leisah wrote: there's normally one on Christmas Eve which is then reshown on Christmas Day. We put the presents out to it Chri...


Gifts Lock

What does everyone get their partners from the kids? Dd is almost one and I want to get dh somet...

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Coop wrote: I got my dh a book called kisses for daddy so they could read it together We have this book too, it is just gorgeous a...

Santa photos Lock

Most years. I think we've missed one. Don't really know why! I guess it's one p...

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Yes we do. It is nice to get a family pic each year with the big fella. It is the one tradition I want to keep. Even when the kid...


Help with Christmas Lunch! Lock

Ok, so for the first time this year i have offered to do christmas lunch as we won't be goin...

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Hope and Hysteria wrote: If you are not sure of cooking times of meats in the oven you may want to invest in a meat thermometer to m...

Seriously... Lock

Haha! You would think he would know better cause its not his first christmas. Iv told Ben off abo...

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The Infamous T wrote: Lol glad he's finally getting it hopefully Isaiah does too lol and it's his 4th Christmas a the fir...


how much do you spend? Lock

Another thread got me thinking How much money do you soend on everyone at Christmas? Is there a s...

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Wow! Some of you spend a lot! We don't have a budget, just buy sensibly. This year has been really cheap because I managed to...

Decorations Lock

We will have; the tree a couple of lots of tinsel a couple of garlands (I think that's what ...

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Thats a relief :/

Christmas tree... Again Lock


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Yes we do! I love seeing lights on the tree


Too immature for 8 & 10 yr old girls? Lock

Thinking of getting them these for xmas

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My daughter is 9 and would love this - most girls her age seem to be really in to stationary and drawing, art, creating etc


What age would or did you buy child's first scooter ? Lock

I have a 4yr old and 2.5yr old girls who I am considering buying scooters for Xmas. Although they...

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Tutu&Lulu wrote: I would get a 3 wheel scooter for your almost 3 yr old and a 2 wheel for your 4 year old. Only because my DD1...


whats the best ..... Lock

christmas present you have received from your kids? Looking for idea to make with my class (ages...

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home made christmas decoration using paper plates, clear contact and glitter/little pieces of paper/feathers etc. you cut out the ...


Present ideas for a sick family member Lock

So my brother in law has a particular disease and is getting sicker all the time so can't do...

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Thanks ladies, keep the ideas coming! Forgot to mention he also gets tired very easy

What to get Lock

Im no help with girls as thats what im struggling with on my christmas list. And i dong know abou...

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me too me too Lock

Merry Christmas to you too. hope you have a wonderful day with the family

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Merry Christmas Thea, hope you, your dh, Isaiah and Grace have a lovely Christmas.

when do you... Lock

as a kid mum used to make us have breakfast first and get dressed all nice so we look good in the...

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When we were kid's we weren't allowed to wake mum or dad before 8.30, but as soon as it was 8.30 we would run in and wake them and t...


What's everyone doing for Christmas? Lock

Going away or staying home? Busy or Quiet? We're going to my parents house (5 hours away) for a...

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Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Christmas Have fun with all your kiddies and families!


Huggies Christmas Nappies Lock

i would just like to say how dissapointed i am in the huggies brand for promotiong chrismas nappi...

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aw i have never had them for my babies either our local shops are slack lol They're so cute though - i got to Best and Less and ge...


Christmas ideas please?? Lock

It seems that DH will probably be working this christmas (only a couple hours very early in the m...

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1st of Dec. Advent calender, new pj's, a bauble of something special they did that year with the year and the name written on it (ho...

Show us your tree *pics* Lock

I would put a pic up but I've been really slack this year and only have a little 2ft tree on the ...

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I miss my Christmas tree We're moving house on Friday though so didn't really make sense to put it up and then just have to pack i...


Picture Book Present Ideas?? Lock

My 3 year old daughter loves me reading books to her, so I'm going to get her mostly books for ch...

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Lovemyfam wrote: Koala Lou by Mem Fox is fantastic and you can get it with a toy koala included. Where the wild things are is good t...


Feeling Frazzled ..... Lock

hey ladies, havent been on in a while, hope everyone is well. feeling a bit frazzled at the mome...

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mum of 3 cuties, thanks for all the links -there is heaps of cool stuff there Blacey - I do have a national geographic nearby, have...

Any1 know where I can get something like this? (Picture) Lock

Are you on Facebook? If you are, look up Monkey&Squeaks or Baby Buddies. Both of them do pers...

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