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I need help with present ideas for df's brothers and their wives/partners.
We've decided to buy each of them a combined gift and to spend $30 on each gift.
The eldest brother and his wife like wine, but i've done the wine glasses and a bottle and last year we got them a cheese board and knife set, then added some biscuits and cheeses. They're not posh people, but they are a bit upper class. IYKWIM
The middle brother and his fiancee are easy to please, so any suggestions would be great.
The youngest brother is easy to please, but it's his wife who is the problem. She is a very hard person to please. She loves the colour navy blue.

Any suggestions are appreciated
For your more upper class people how about a spice rack? You can get some nice ones available this time of year, with the spices already in. I think they look nice.

I can't think of the others.

Maybe for the lady that likes Navy, how about matching table cloth and serviettes or place mats of some sort?

How about a bottle opener? I got hubby one for father's day. it is an arcosteel one and it was on special for 14.95 in Allens and he loves it so much I went back and got one for sil and bil for chrissy. They are easy to use, not like a normal one. Very flash and if they like wine it would be a good idea. Should be able to get them at homeware stores if you don't have an Allens.


Take care mummies!

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