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OK the time has come to think about the teachers and daycare teachers gifts for Xmas this year....
Usually i get the daycare teachers a cruiser and chocs in a green or red, chrissy colours of course, but this year i am not sure what to do. i am really happy with the teachers and the help they have givent he kids this year so i am an after somethign with a little thought, but easy on the purse strings. i am sure we could all use some ideas for our teachers, so throw them this way...
No ideas from me, I haven't quite got to the stage of teachers yet. But I love the idea of giving them a cruiser, they probably well and truely need it by the end of the year hahaha.

We did get DDs ballet teacher a foot pamper pack from coles last year, I think they were about $10.

We buy the teachers a bottle of wine and send a nice big cake to school or kinda for just the staff.
oh thats a good idea, the wine, i mean anybody who has to look after kids all day, surely must need a! hhmm, i like the foot pack as well.. do you get a red or white wine?? My DH only drinks red, i guess that would do.
Normally white and whatever is a good price.
I don't drink it so have no idea lol.
'Asti Riccadonna' is beautiful, especially for Christmas, although you might want to look out for it on special, its usually about $16. There is a cheaper alternative that tastes simular 'Omni Blue'.

Failing that, if you need a cheaper option to cover a few tachers, I think 'Passion pop' ussually goes down alright and there are those smaller bottles of bubbly that you can buy in 3-packs.
ahhh passion pop!! brings back I love riccadonna too, I always get that for a gift when i have a baby and i love it, why did i not think of that, for my "favourite" teachers... thanks girls. I am sure you are helping more than me here...
For this week only TARGET has specials on smelly stuffs. =)

50% off soaps in the shapes of farm animals, ice creams (they look real), cupcakes, doughnuts etc. I bought a pack of the ice creams (4 in a pack) for $7.50 reduced from $15. I plan on splitting the 4 and wrapping each one with cellophane and tying with cellophane with a handmade gift tag.

If you have a super fav teacher they had gift packs for $15 reduced from $30. Picnic baskets with cupcakes, farm animals sets etc. Really really cute items and such a great price. You could also split the gift pack up and individually wrap each items depending how many you have to give for.

Any good??


I'm a preschool teacher and over the years have received LOTS of presents but you can't go past alcohol or me smile

thanks so much girls, i am going to be even more orgnansided this year than ever for the teachers. I ususally leave them to the last minute cause i cant decide what to buy... Pac girl, awesome awesome awesome, i saw those ice cream soaps yesterday and fell in love with them picked them up put them back over and over, greta idea, especially for the young girls studying wo=ho are not old enough to drink yet!!!! thanks, i am doing that and mum of linc, I am going to take your advise and give them a bottle of thanks girls.
YAY alwaysawake Im so glad you got them. Arent they soooo nice? I hope I have bought too many so there might be a soap left over for MY stocking LOL

And how can you go wrong with plonk.....mmmmmm....Oh If you wanna get REALLY creative get the kids to make shortbread or white christmas wrap it in cellophane and then give a small bottle of Baileys (the mini bar kind)......Oh I am soooo craving Baileys (weird coz I dont even usually drink it)

It even smells like Christmas is coming......



hmmmm Baileys... yum yum

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