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Any ideas on what I could get my little girl for Christmas she will be two in March. What has anyone else bought that was used and loved alot?
Hi Iggle

My little one will be 2 at the end of feb and at the moment she is right into home corner and playing in mummies kitchen so we have bought her a little kitchen of her own.

We have also bought her a little clam shell from Big W so that one half is the pool and the other is a sand pit. Although we have a pool she can get in and out of this one when she wants.

Erynn also adores her little bike at the moment. Also she is loving the swing that we have out in the pergola area for her. Its one of the ones that is sold by fisher price I think.

Hope this starts the imagination flowing!!!!!


Kim and Erynn
As the PP said a little kitchen is a fantastic idea, My kids love their little kitchen.

A few more ideas

sand and water table
dress ups
handbag with things like mummy has so little phone, wallet etc etc

Hai r ties etc are good stocking stuffers lol
Thanks for the ideas they are great. Only problem is my little girl is the last of four kids and already has many of these things suggested handed down by the others. She doesn't really need anything but I want to get her somthing of her own that she will love. Hmmm. I did buy her some new bath toys today. Any more ideas...
That makes it tricky doesnt it!! Being the baby of a group of kids it so hard to buy stuff they dont already have.

Maybe one of those electronic reading things so like TJ beary Tales or leapfrog something..

Um maybe a special doll like baby born or Annabelle or something that is her brand new..

Barbie guitar or keyboard

Doll house

Hmm.. I'll keep thinking..

Thanks my3bubs for more suggestions. I showed my little girl a babyborn doll that has eyes that blink, makes noises and drinks a bottle. Her eyes lit up when she saw it, I thought she might be a bit young for it though. But she is growing up so fast maybe it would be worth while. They are quite expensive for a doll!
my little one is two in feb & I have got quite a few good ( & not big on $) presents from Deals Direct which is online shopping, also have brought her from identity direct (On line) a towel & face washer with her name on it & placemat.

As you mentioned you daughter has things passed down to her so maybe a few things with her name on them will give her a chance to have HER stuff.

Just a thought!


Doll's house
Her own special photo album
children's digital camera
clock for her room
fish with fish tank

SA, 2 boys

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