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wrap all your christmas presents well before or leave it til the night before?
well i wrapped 6 2night lol i was going to do them all but i cbf now but we go to Christmas carols Christmas eve then i usually come home and wrap and dp sets up the big toys
I wrap them as I bring them home. That way they are all done and out of sight.
I have about 4 left to go!
I wrap them and then place them under the xmas tree (except the pressies from santa of course, that comes out late xmas eve). They all look so pretty under the tree with the lights on! LOL

I wrap mine early. This year it was good.

But last year i wrapped mine as i brought them, i was 39weeks pregnant on xmas day. I had completely forgotten what i had got everyone.
The night before. Its so hard to get into the spirit of Xmas if I leave them to last minute it sort of makes it real that it acutally is Xmas the next day.

The night before..
There's always something Christmassy on the TV, so I'm so in the mood for
All wrapped and under the tree. Thankfully the kids don't touch them!
All wrapped and put away as DS would just not stop touching them.... Plus SANTA brings them not mum and dad! Although we do put a few under from mum and dad LOL!

Some of mine are done.. But then the girls woke up so I had to stop and I just haven't finished the rest lol.. So probably the night before!

i did mine on thursday night last year we did them the night before it was hectic trying to set things up aswell
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