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What are you getting your kids for christmas? Lock Rss

Well only 9 weeks or so until christmas and i haven't seen one of these threads started yet! I have most of them already but am a little lost with the last few!

So what are you getting your kids for christmas and what are their ages??
We are not spending alot on the kids for Christmas this year, they are at the age still (2 &3) that they don't understand Christmas alot and are not expecting much, plus bub #3 is due at the end of November so money is a little tight. Also my family always spoil them.
This year i laybyed one of those plastic outdoor houses/cubby thing for them.
DS1 who is 3 will also get a tool belt as this is what he is into at the moment, plus some books, clothes.
DS2 who is 2 will also get some playdough, plus clothes and few little things.
They already have everything really anyway, the trampoline, swing sets, trucks,etc. Hubby said he might try and build them a sand pit but not sure.
I have a DD who will be 22 months by Christmas and a DD on the way who will be about 6 weeks by then.
I got them one of the cubby houses and the slide that were on sale at Aldi not long ago as their big pressies. I figure they are something they'll use for a while seeing as they're both quite little still.
As for smaller things, I have a couple of little toys for DD2 and a new backpack for day care, musical instrament set and a new hat for DD and will probably just get her some more books and clothes before then. I think she'll be incredibly excited just with the unwrapping part smile
I have no idea! LOL!

I'm norally organised with chrissy even 6 months before but not this year... I am prepared for it financially though so I'm likely to do the big 'rush' closer to the date :S
I have however already made payment on a wooden swingset for them smile (joint pressie)
They've had the deal runnin for months but it's been getting dearer.. I got it at $1400 grin Soooo excited for them! grin

DS - letter box and a toybox with a few little toys. I have so many toys put away of DD's DS needs nothing so just got two little things.

DD - dora mega blocks set, a few wiggles dvds, a doll 5 in 1 set and gonna refresh all her drawing stuff.

All but the drawing stuff is on layby so just need to pick it up. I did the layby at the toysale.

Forgot they are getting an electric car as a joint present.
Im also getting the kids one of those plastic cubby houses.Im also getting them a few small toys each.Drawing princess table thing that you sit on your lap,barbie car,party dress.
To share they are getting a trampoline (from Santa) & a wooden kitchen (from us) & possibly a cubby house. They don't normally get so many big items but that's how it's worked out this year.

then ...
DS1 (6) is getting beach towel, some matchbox cars, a dolls portacot (he asked for it lol), toy kettle & new lunchbox set.

For his birthday the week before he will get AFL ball & totem tennis

DS2 (4) puzzle, matchbox cars, toy toaster & lunchbox set

His birthday is the same day as DS2 & he's getting a leapster & game

DD (will be 22 months) books, my little pony, drink bottle & matching plate & play food.

I thought they were getting more so I'm glad I wrote it out & I am actually happy with the amount they are getting lol I usually go overboard (but there is still time to get carried away lol)

My DD will be nearly 3, I have got her a tramp and a dolls house and then barbies etc for her stocking, and a cleaning trolly (to save my walls from the vacuum cleaner hopefully.) I already have it all on layby, as well as the presents for all the other children I have to buy for.

Lil_Miss-Kita: I just wanted to say that my dd had the lion too. When she started moving around the furniture, I just put her behind it and off she went, pushing it. Not long after she just took off by herself. It was the best money I spent on a toy. She then rode it all around the house and loved the noises it made. She also had the giraffe and still every now and then gets both of them out to play with.
So far my boy's (4 & 3 (1wk after xmas)) have 2 wooden floor puzzles and some books. I want to get them a trampoline but not sure yet... other than that i have no idea. They are so hard to buy for!!!

DD1 will be 3 years 9 months old and she is getting

- From Santa - 3 board games (memory, connect 4 and bingo)
- From us - 2 singstar games (disney and wiggles)
- Stocking stuffers - my little pony, some hair accessories and a necklace and bracelet set

DD2 will be 12.5 months and is getting

- From Santa - 18 months + Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden set (trains are slightly bigger than in the normal wooden sets)
- From us- ?????? Thinking I will make some things for her smile
- Stocking stuffers - a board book, a buggy book, a crochet toy and a headband

DD2 is harder to buy for then DD1 as she has hand me down toys and her birthday is 3 weeks before Christmas.
He getting some thomas the tank engine things like trains and clothes and he getting some disney cars.
And he gets this ride on thomas the tank engine also

DS was 3 last week (for which he got a Toy Story "big boy bike", a Buzz, playdough set, a dvd & some books - plus tons of stuff from others!)

I need to do some more Christmas shopping, but have to think of what to get him first! so far I've got:
Thomas hopper ball thingo

Stocking Stuffers - toy story cars & 2 dvds

I wanted to get him a trampoline but we are moving interstate in Feb/March so decided to put that one on hold.
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