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huggies generally have a nice printable letter from santa where you added the gift from santa and ur childs name...i can't seem to find one yet on the huggies site is it here somewhere or just not here yet? thanks guys in advance its become a bit of a tradition from "santa" for my son each yr to follow the "snow" footprints which leads to letter and presents lol
Hi, not sure about the letter on here yet, but there is also a great website

you can get a letter printed with lots of added details and you can also get a "Naughty or Nice" certificate. They have loads of other activities too including a Santa Tracker on christmas eve. DD was mesmerized by it last year. Check it out you'll love it.
Oh and another one is

they also do letters and you can print a personalised christmas story too.
Both these sites are free. Hope this helps :oD
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