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Hi there..
My DS will be 1 on christmas eve and i'm just wondering if or how people put up christmas trees with young children in the house. My 3 yr old daughters would love a christmas tree but my DS would be constantly in into it pulling everything off.
Any suggestions on how i can make it work?

Ive never had an issue with either of my children. They both turned one within weeks of xmas. I just always told them off if they touched or moved them away. They soon got the picture. Its not fair to take that xmas spirit away from your older children so i say just give it a go.

Otherwise i have know people to put the xmas tree inside a play pen.
I never had an issue with DD, maybe you could put a gate thingo around it like one of thoose kids play things so he cant get to it or put it up on a coffee table or corner table? tahts what we did last year, had it in thew corner on top of the corner table between the two lounges which left more space for all the presents that way aswell smile
We were discussing this today at playgroup and a couple of the mothers there had so different ideas.
1 a big picture of a Christmas tree on the wall
2 Green cellophane scrunch rolled into stips and blutacked to the wall then decorations added.
Mine is on a corner table but it doesn't stop the kids from trying to play with it.
Good luck and have a wonderful Christmas whichever way you decide to go

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