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Christmas Tree Lock Rss

We always put ours up two weeks before christmas and because I'm a pommie they are removed 5th of Jan (Before 12th night) to keep bad luck away. We hold the old highland tradition of christmas gifts under the tree and Hogmanay(new year)small gifts in the tree (to bring prosperity to the person)which are opened 1st January. DH never celebrated Christmas so has been happy to adopt my traditions and now enjoys christmas, although still trying to get him to understand about Santa

As a kid, we always put the tree up on the first weekend of the school holidays. SO whenever that was smile We'd put on christmas carols & mum & all 5 kids would get in & decorate the tree & the house. Mum usually took it down sometime in Jan - usually all us kids would be off at respective dad's places so when we came home Christmas was put away & our rooms were spotless lol. Now I'm a mum I wonder how mum coped on her own with all 5 of us away for weeks at a time - probably enjoyed the peace to start but she must have missed us like crazy!

Now (considering I have no clue when school holidays are lol) I put it up first weekend of December. Take it down when I get around to it, lol.
I always put mine up on the 1st of December, but I am so hanging out to put it up earlier this year smile
I take it down anywhere between New Year's Eve and 6th Jan (whenever the moods suits me LOL).

I will let DD decorate it herself this year (she will be 6 in December), as she did an amazing job last year. DS will probably want to join in though too (he will be 2), so there will more than like be arguements between them eeeek! I will just set everything up when she is at school so that when she comes home she can have the fun of decorating :oD

Sorry to hear about your Father. You have carried on a very special memory with your DS. Your father will be proud and watching you both making sure you put things in the right place i'm sure.
I wish DH would let me put ours up on the 1st November,i don't think i can wait until the 1st December.

Thanks it helps to keep his memory alive and stories with DS about his poppy.

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