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i remember waking up early like 4 or 5, sneaking out to look at what presents santa left and then go wake up mum and dad, No matter what time it was (as long as it was 4 or after) they would get up and let us open them up one by one. Mum also made a icecream lolly thing,
Used to mash up vanilla ice cream so it was smooth, put our favourite colour in it (food dye) and put lollies on top, like snakes and strawberries and cream, and we had that during the day as santa made it for us smile
My DP on the other hand had to eat breakfast and have a shower before opening up pressies and even then it had to be after 7!
weve had many arguments already for when Bubby gets older about she doesnt have to have a shower first or eat brekkie,

we had to eat brekky first when we were kids!! Sucks hey!!


we had to eat brekky first when we were kids!! Sucks hey!!

it would, thats what has been making us argue cause i refuse to do that, thats not fun and magical for them, its a chore lol
my sister would say its 6 o clock! and we would take our gifts for our mum into her room and she wuld ope hers first then we would get to open ours, we never had to worry about waking eachother up, cos we never slept that night haha even when i was like 19 and we both knew it was just mum, she still gets us a santa sack with odds and ends in it and its so much fun ripping open all the stuff and giving family their gifts. my aunty uncle and cousins would come over and my dad and all our family will exchange gifts at like 7 am then they would go off to see their other nan and pop for lunch and back to our place for dinner and swimming. we always had heaps of gifts and i will always admire my mum for how hard she worked to make christmas special for us.
dp had 1 toy and 1 set of clothes and pair of shoes each so he thinks its nuts how mental my family goes at christmas, but his parents get our kids soooooo much stuff (i think they try and get them more than whatever we get for them)which is insane cos we have the gifts from us and the santa stuff.
this year is our first year of doing the santa thig in the morning without his parents here im sooo excited!

In my family growing up and even now with my kids we have the rules of Christmas and Easter are the only days that you don't have to eat breakfast at all. Its up to the person if they eat breakfast or if they just eat some lollies or chocolate. I mean its only 2 days of the year so I don't see a problem with it.
We open presents once the kids wake us as long as its after 6.30am We do have breaky but not till after pressies and its always something yummy, like a big hot breaky or pancakes.

When we were kids, my big sis would always wake me pretty early to go through the stockings at the end of our bed that were filled by santa. If we woke too early and our parents sent us back to bed to sleep, we had our stocking fillers to amuse us.

So this is what we do for our kids. My DP didn't do things this way as a kid but is happy to have these same traditions for our girls.

My mum also made such a huge effort for christmas to be special and happy

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