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santa isnt get credit for big items this year Lock Rss

is your santa gifts in stockings or family or all presents from santa.

ours is stocking gifts are from santa as last yr my dd thought all the presents were from santa

DH and l get the credit for the bigger items and Santa leaves some smaller gifts to fill the stockings.

We're thinking about getting a timber swing / slide set this year for the kids and l can't see us putting that together in one night from Santa!!!

Christmas for us isnt about who gets the credit, the credit for us is the joy and magic that Christmas and Santa brings our kids. Most of the presents our kids get are from Santa and one from Mum & Dad, I want them to have the magic of believing in Santa for as long as possible. Yeah its not true, but boy is it fun and that's what its all about for us - the fun, the anticipation, the excitement and the presents from Santa - its all about the big guy coming smile I'm happy to give Santa the credit.
My DS is more into the santa thing this year so we've decided that they will each get a santa sack with things that he has given them with all the other presents from DH and I. I like the idea that the kids can put out their sacks then wake up in the morning with it filled with goodies.

My sil got a big out door play center that my FIL went to help her put up when the kids was asleep one of them came out and started screaming and said what is that so she told him it was a present from her to the kids not from santa and they loved it but now every christmas they ask where the one from mum is first lol

TTC a baby girl

Until last year we'd never really worried about who gave what as DD was 3 and it was only her, DH & me on xmas morning. But last year we spent xmas eve at my sisters so she and I had to coordinate everything so all our kids got things kinda the same from Santa - such as do you wrap the pressies from Santa? do you put nametags on them etc. Boy it was hard work!
This will be my daughters 3rd christmas (She's 2) so she understands a little more now but i will definately be giving the big presents and not letting santa take credit for them! laugh She has a big santa sack i have just filled with little bits of and peices; activity books, books, toys, jewellery etc. that can be from santa and all the ones that i put effort into - i will take credit for. wink
I must say, I had never really thought about who "gets credit" for the pressies.

So as to keep the magic of Santa alive, we give the kids a small present from "mum and dad" that goes under the tree, so we aren't seen as nasty if they don't get a present from us (IYKWIM). And Santa gives the rest of the pressies to them in sacks. I must say though, we haven't ever really given "big" itmes, just things they have asked for that I know they'll play with for more than a day. If we ever do give big items, they too will be from Santa - there's no way mum & dad could afford to buy such an expensive gift wink

Like Happyhead said, it's all about seeing the joy the kids get when they see their presents and then proceed to open them with so much excitement and happiness! Love it grin
Santa leaves a little sack for each of the boys at the end of their beds, for them to find in the morning. They see it when they first wake up, it's so sweet how excited they get! The first thing I hear on Christmas morning is the sound of the two of them going through their santa sacks together. Typically DS1 wakes up before the sun, sees his Santa sack and takes it into DS2's room, and wakes him up so they can look at their things together wub

The sort of things they get are special bath gels (they got gellibaff last year, which I wouldn't bother with again to be honest!), colouring books, small toys like a little transformer each or something, edible treats, things like that. They leave cookies out for Santa, and Santa always leaves them a note saying thankyou for the cookies, and wishing them a very happy Christmas - they're always very excited about that, and the fact that Santa ate the cookies smile

So what Santa brings them isn't huge, but it's probably the most exciting thing for them - it sets a tone of wonder and excitement for the day. Also keeps them entertained for a little while in the morning before they come bursting into our room to show us laugh

The rest of their presents are from us, and they also give a present to each other. I love Christmas smile
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