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Christmas gift ideas Lock Rss

My ds wants to give his 3 Kindy teachers and school teacher a present for christmas and I am stuck on what to get/make for them. Any suggestions? smile
can't go wrong with baking? could make gingerbread or something and get ds to help you ice them? would be cute
I was going to suggest baking too. Maybe a basic butter biscuits recipe that you can add different things too, then you could make a few different types.
I was going to suggest baking too lol also if they are female some nice little smelly soaps or hand cream is always nice and inexpensive smile
nice box of choccys or flowers or....a painting or handmade card from the child is always beautiful....
Perfect thankyou smile

as a teacher I thought I would let you know the christmas gifts i have loved and appreciated ...

last year I was given a really nice gourmet salad dressing. I thought of that child every time I had it on salad - seriously !

if the teacher celebrates christmas....

baked goods are really nice, but check the teacher has no allergies. I was given some homemade shortbread on a nice Christmas plate which i now use every year.

Christmas decorations - I was given glass tear drop shaped ones many years ago which go on my tree every year.

I really appreciate gift vouchers as well, then I can choose something I really like. I am going to buy my DSs teacher a DJs voucher.

Last year a parent of the class I taught organised for all parents who wanted to, to contribute towards a DJs voucher. It amounted to $200. I bought a really nice dress and top. And i get so excited when I wear them. It was a real treat to buy them and I think a collective voucher like that is a nice way to say thank you to a teacher.

I would not buy chocolates for a teacher - we get given so so many. Neither would I buy soap, no teachers I know like getting soap.

If you don't agree with me, please don't have a go at me, i am just stating my opinion. Also don't get me wrong, i appreciate any card or present given to me from a student/parent. Some just end up being used more than others.
I agree with caroliness! As a teacher, the amount of soaps, body lotions, candles, mugs, teacher poems and chocolate boxes I would receive each year was amazing. I was grateful that the parents took the time to chose a gift for me and then felt guilty that i didnt use any of them.

The baking idea is lovely and personal too. Personally, my fav gifts were a bottle of wine (with a note saying I deserved it for teaching her son!), movie tickets, scrapbooking supplies (the parents knew i liked craft). I also received a christmas ball that said my name on it - I use it each year too.

Hope that helps.
Sorry 3littlemen!!!! The hot choc sounds yummy! The sticker idea is actually a fab idea - teachers are always using their own money to increase their sticker/stamp supplies and it can get expensive over the year! A few families used to give me fresh stamps to use on the chidren's work.

One year I was teaching year 2/3, a year 2 student gave me a pack of "scratch and sniff" smelly stickers with a note saying "I really like these stickers, next year when I am in your class (year 3)could you please use them on my work!" I made sure that I did!
Thanks for your input smile
If I was just buying for my ds's teacher than I could buy movie tickets, vouchers, bottle of wine etc! But I have 4 to buy for so I will maybe just make something with my ds instead of purchasing or it will get costly smile

Ds and I make a mean Rocky road so might do that .....
3 little men

I was given a few mugs many years ago and felt bad that I didn't use them all. then never got any. Two years ago a girl gave me a mug with peppermint tea bags - she knew that's what I drink. I use that mug every day at work and still think of her. I use another mug I was given as a pen holder on my desk. And the hot choc marshmalllows and stirrer sound great smile
as a kid every year for my teachers it would be a box of chocolates.
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