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For those interested in giving wine to teachers, or anyone else for christmas, or just for yourselves even !

there are some delicious wines which are not too expensive.

My DH was a wine waiter and runs wine workshops. You could say he is a wine expert wink

Some recommendations from vintage cellars are :


For the price they are fantastic.

I am drinking the Pinot noir right now smile
As a teacher the one thing I always loved getting from kids was a hand made christmas ornament with their photo in - might sound crazy but my tree each year is scattered with all the faces of the kids I have taught and it brings back so many fond memories. I also just love the crazy things kids do like they put a yellow ribbon on because of that top you always wear... so sweet!

As for food chocs etc - I often found the same thing as others have mentioned you end up with so many that you forget who gave them and u end up giving them away or taking them to staff recess/lunch. (However maybe thats just me I am not a huge sweet tooth).

I did however love getting moisturiser given how much I wash my hands every day working with little kiddies and snotty noses smile
I usually go with wine, something like Riccodonna, goes well with christmas lunch, you can buy the in the smaller bottles too, so you can pick up a 4 pack for about $18 or less. but there are also lots of cheaper versions too.
This year, my plygroup had an assortment of books and things every couple weeks at discounted prices. They had a pack of 10 teacher's stamps, "Great work". "well done" etc. DDs teacher always writes these things on her work, (maybe she likes it that way) but I thought it would be nice anyway, they were about $10. I am also making a couple handmade ornaments for her tree.

I am stocking the cutest bedtime story pillow case sets on ebay. They each tell a story, and I bet if you see them, you won't want to give them away to a teacher. Check them out @

I sell Kaftans & Maxi Dresses as well.

Merry Christmas.

You can also look at These guys have some very impressive retro nixie clocks
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