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Christmas and all that comes with it! Lock Rss

I havn't finished christmas shopping.. I'm not the only one am I? laugh

Tomorrow we hope to put the christmas tree up -providing DH can find it after we moved about a month ago! laugh
-Maybe I can go shopping for a new one? tongue

Anyone else have theirs up or not?

DH promised the children today he will put lights up on the house...

How's everyone else going with all their christmas preparations?
Anyone going away for christmas? Dh and I normally go visit family and were planning for this christmas to go and see his brother several hours away but as I'll be heavily pregnant we've decided to stay at home this year..

Does anyone have any traditions?
Christmas is close, a week closer then my due date. smile smile
My room is full of presents and I still need to wrap some.

People work on christmas day in my family so once everyone is home after milking cows we open presents, eat and then clean up.
i have finished it all lol but i didn't have much to do just get DS presents
oh and we put the tree up already too

we go to DH's parents house on christmas day so i suppose thats our tradition lol
The tree is still in its box, cards remain unwritten, and I have barely scratched the surface in the gift purchasing department...hmmm seems I really need to get my butt in gear!

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

We are putting our tree up today. Hopefully my ds leaves it alone but I doubt he will as he's into everything. I've pretty much done all my shopping for presents but I'm sure I'll find a few more stocking fillers grin
It's just dh, our 3 dd's, ds and me for christmas so we are planning to have a late brunch after presents. We'll maybe take the kids to the beach if it's hot.
The girls are busy at the moment making some decorations and also making their own christmas cards for each others presents.
I suppose our traditions are on christmas eve we watch the carols on tv while having snacks. Last year I kept the girls up later than usual in the hope that they'd sleep past 6am but it didn't work they were just too excited. Last year I was 35 weeks pregnant so looking forward to this year being more comfortable.
I'm hoping to find a nice christmas story book to read with the kids before bedtime this christmas eve.
Over the next couple of weeks I'm planning to do lots of christmas baking, I think I'd better start walking so it doesn't all go to my hips laugh
we put our tree up last weekend but have yet to decorate the house, most of the presents are still on the christmas layby, but the rest i am yet to start tongue but we on dp's side we are only buying for the kids and my side is a secret santa as we are going to my parents (they only moved to qld earlier in the year) so my cousins are coming for lunch too. i make dessert each year so i have a bit of baking to do soon smile
We put our christmas tree up on Thursday (the 1st!) but as for everything else... I still have heaps to do! lol
My tree is up, the gifts are all purchased and wrapped and ready to go. I am usually pretty organized but this year I wanted to be super organized! smile This year I want to kick back, relax and enjoy the festive season with my family instead of battling crazy people at the shops laugh

We always do breakfast at our house with my mum, brothers and step dad. Normally we do lunch at my grandparents with the whole family but for the 1st time this year we will be doing it at my aunt and uncles which will be soooooo much more fun for the children. My grandparents home is one of those houses that looks like it belongs on the cover of home beautiful ( not fun for children or the parents of the children!) Dinner we will just have leftovers at aunt and uncles and then home to bed!

The in laws live interstate, damn:P

our tree will go up tomorrow when DH is home, he has worked the past 3 nights and todays, so tomorrow is finally our chance!!!

no xmas shopping done yet sad

I have lots of shopping to do tree is not up waiting for MIL to get here from england to put it up thought she was going to be here Monday but is staying in Brisbane with SIL for a while now so may just do it sick of waiting really want to put it up.

Only really brought for DD and DS and a few other people still got most things to go!

Spend the day at my parents farm with the inlaws to my four brothers and there partners and kids so there ends up about 30 of us all together for the couple of days! Dh will be working xmas arvo so that is a bit of a downer trying to get him to change it! Whish me luck!

We haven't bothered yet. Moving house next week. Might not actually get around to doing it at all this year.
i put the tree up today. we bought it thursday though (went and got a real one, looks real pretty) so just decorations and lights etc.

To be honest i havent even stated buying presents, how bad is that. i know what ill be getting for all but maybe 3 or 4 people so its pretty easy its just actually going out and getting them and wrapping them.

when df finishes work he will help but some lights up outside

mum to one goregous boy

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