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Inexpensive but WONDERFUL pressie ideas for relatives. Lock Rss

Hey everyone,

Last year there was a thread where a few of us were listing some ideas for presents that we could give to family and friends.

Most of the ideas came in at $10 and under, and I used a few myself and they went downa treat.

Was hoping that we could all share ideas again this year so that we can give something to those special people in our lives, without having to be paying it off til next july!


Mummy to one big little man!!

We buy picture frames that hold 3 photos and every christmas the grandparents get one so they always have up to date picturs of the kids. If you shop around you can get them for $10-$20.
we are hooked on chrisco hampers so we often get a couple of hampers for the rallies and they think its fantastic,
I am going to scrapbook some 6x6 calenders for the rellies this year. I picked up some books that should do the trick they cost $2.99

Last year i also made some simpler calenders, it was just an A4 piece of gold card, that i stuck a calender on one half with the next years calender on, and on the other side i put a picture of the kids that were taken at big w with santa that cost me 30c a pic, i wrote a little note on the back and laminated them.

all the grannies loves them and i think they probably cost a total of $2 each at the most. the biggest outlay was the laminator because i didnt have one but was planning to get one anyway. but even then the laminator was only $30
I loved the '$10 and under rellies pressies' thread last year.

I'm going to do some calendars for all the great grandies and grandies. Check out kodak/rabbit photo etc as they have templates you can use and insert your photo. Also check out and have lots of great photo present ideas as well as cards to have printed.
I made my own last year and I'm sure once I bought all the stuff it ended up dearer than just getting them printed.

Other ideas - kids hand prints on cheaps canvas's from the cheap bargain shops
make an ornament every year for them to hang on their tree, be sure to put your childs name and year on it

Keep the ideas rolling........... !!

CJ ~ DS 4, DD 1

For my mums birthday i gt some of those canvases you were talking about and got the kids to do a painting each! Needless to say grnadma loved them, but they would make great chrissy presents!! And if you do one every year for them you can see how well your child is developing!

I'm gunna keep checking here for some great ideas! Everyone loves kiddy hand made gifts!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

YES YES YES cjben!! That was my favourite thread of all time. So helpful and really did save a heap of money.

Ill put the same idea up again this year because it went down a treat! I bought some coasters from big w. There were 6 in the pack, and you put photos in them. They cost $4.95. I just put the family photos in them, and everyone was SOOOOOO impressed.

The other thing I did was got some bottles of wine (clean skins for $4 each) and I made up a christmas label with the kids photos on there, and stuck them on.

The canvases are a great idea too. The Reject shop sells them for $2 for the smaller ones. I got fabric with japanese patters on etc and i covered them with teh fabric. My best friend, who loves anything asian designed loved these and has them hanging in her house. You could do it with any fabric and a staple gun.... even your kids favourite characters (nieces and nephews too).

If I think of more Ill pop back smile

Mummy to one big little man!!

Those coasters were the best ever!! Might do some more this year for those I didn't do them for. We also did calendars. Another idea is (maybe just .com and no au) where you can order all your digi photos (which is where I do mine) as well as some sensational photo gifts; stubbie holders, calendars, Christmas ornaments etc. I will do a huge order from them this year as their quality and service are awesome. I also get blank canvas and paint it, then do the kid's hand and foot prints and use a permanent marker to write a little message. yay I love Christmas as well as making gifts for all!!
I'm the same way Kate... I think this year will be even more special, because Declan will be old enough to rip open the presents himself.

I love making presents, It makes them so much more sentimental, especially for grandparents.

Mummy to one big little man!!

Hi i think this thread is fantastic, i just bought some photo frames from a cheap shop with big borders(they were coloured so i turned them over) and got my kids to paint one each and put handprints and footprints on them and put a photo in each, my DH loved them so this year i think that is what all the grandparents will get.

Mum to Bubba Bear 2 years 9 months and Cooper Bear

My DSS and I were making salt dough creations. My eldest DSS made a photo frame type thing on a magnet for the fridge. It was so easy, and the boys had so much fun making, baking, and painting their creations. It kept them busy for hours, and it's a great unique gifts your kids can make for grandparents.

If anyone wants the recipe let me know smile


Mummy to one big little man!!

How many cups is 300g??

AND how do you make the glaze??

I used to love ths stuff when I was a kid lol... I reckon DD#1 will love it to. She loves making mess lol
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