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Forum Chat (Technical & Other Forum Issues)


Signature Images - Forum Guidelines Lock

Hi everyone, We have really enjoyed seeing your creativity with your signature images. This seem...

26 replies

How to add a ticker.. can anyone help please....?? Accelerators | Supre Tan


Huggies Barcodes (helpful for promos) Lock

Trying to help with the barcode confusion!!! Okay so far I know that: [color=magenta][b][u] Bag...

66 replies

Ok my barcodes are: Girls crawler 90 box = 9310088007176 Girls toddler 80 box = 9310088009743


'New Feature' for the Huggies Forum Mobile Site! Lock

We are pleased to let you know that the Huggies Forum Mobile Site has been upgraded and now inco...

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Recent spam issues and our response Lock

Thanks Sam It's good to be kept in the loop.

18 replies

Thanks Sam I appreciate being informed

Website maintenance follow-up Lock

Why is my layout switching around all the time?? It goes from being normal to going to an extrem...

7 replies

Hi. Chalys fb me and said she can't get on since her last post.

What we are doing to stop spam on Huggies forum Lock

THANK YOU!!! Thank you for keeping us up to date and for getting on top of the spam. Thank you!

7 replies

Sounds good, thank you!


Public Forum Safety Tips Lock

Dear members, The Huggies Forum has been provided for its members as a safe space where parents...

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forum language Lock

dd- darling daughter ds-darling son dh-darling husband df-darling fiance dp-darling partner pm-pr...

9 replies

I'll need an interpreter to read your posts... hehehe!!! I wish I could get my mind around all this stuff!


Signature Images - Helpful Hints Lock

Hi there, We have put together some information on the steps that that you will need to take wi...

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Inviting online Lock

Check here new stuff:

26 replies

Best product reviews, top 10 lists and all kinds of products with explanation available for you to choose best thing also for babies...


Nursery design tool - not working Lock

I am trying to use the online nursery design tool. I downloaded flash player but there doesn'...

3 replies

Hi again Unfortunately we are going to retire the nursery room design tool as it isn't supported by most current browsers. How...


Epson customer service Number- 1-888-794-0777 Lock

You may face any kind of technical problem on your Epson printer. But Epson's technicians ar...

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Gorgeous Macaw Pets Lock

Hello I am Bernie Mc-Cathy Please i just took up macaw breeding as a hobby after my mom passed...

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AOL Mail Not Currently Available - Problem Fixed Lock

Winning the trust of millions with its impeccable services, AOL mail enjoys the highest database ...

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Introduction Lock

Hi Mommies, My name is Alice and I'm new to this forum. Happy to be here!

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Sex twice in 36 weeks of being pregnant Lock

Afternoon, is having sex twice in the whole 36 weeks of being pregnant normal? I enjoy intimacy ...

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An Honest View: When Are Fresh or Frozen Donor Eggs the Best Choice? Lock

When you're thinking about utilizing crisp versus solidified benefactor eggs to achieve your...

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Not sure if this is for me... this feeling changes right??? Lock

My wife had our daughter 12 days ago. I still can't change a nappy. I know what to do and ...

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Induction Friday! How has your life changed since having a newborn? Lock

Hey guys. First time dad here. My wife is scheduled to be induced Friday. I'm obviously a li...

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New Dad losing his mind! Lock

Hello Everyone, I am a new dad here to a beautiful 1 month old baby boy. I love the kid with my ...

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First time father! any tips from anyone Lock

Well I'm only 26, and I'm super excited to find out what my wife and I will be having. ...

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Game "freezes" but chat still works Lock

As the title says, my game will sort of freeze up. I can run around in-game but no actions can be...

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Fighting Bosses Crashes & Actually Resets my PC Lock

Hi all, I have been reading some posts on here that seem similar, though not the same kind of t...

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WoW is glitching? Lock

Something just happened with WoW. It's like the game keeps pausing and unpausing every .5 se...

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ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal exception! Lock

110 Human Warlock 15975 9 posts Sep 8 I have been receiving the same error for months. I was rec...

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Username? Lock

Hi all. I'm a newbie here and I got given a username when I signed up but am I able to chang...

2 replies

Hi Moderator Would you please email me about changing my username as well? I can't seem to find it anywhere knthe site. Thanks


Huggies barcodes Lock

I have heap of Huggies barcodes I had kept as they used to run promotions. Not sure if Huggies st...

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huggies nite time nappies. Lock

Hi all, just wondering how others feel about huggies nite time nappies 2 years plus. I was recom...

11 replies

Hi again Kirsten We haven't received your email confirming your phone number yet. Can you please send asap to [email protected]


Error updating address -- please enter promotion again. Lock

Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if anybody here experienced having trouble entering any of t...

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huggies nappy pants comp Lock

I tried to fill out my info after getting the sample but when I put my "unique" code in...

1 reply

Hi Can you please email us with the code you are trying to enter and your full name and address so that we can cross check our ref...


Ok need some help from admin Lock

I used to be a member of this forum about 9-10 years ago I met my now best friend on here and we ...

2 replies

Sheldon83 wrote: I used to be a member of this forum about 9-10 years ago I met my now best friend on here and we were trying to wor...


Accessing my account Lock

Hi there, I am having some issues logging into an old account. I can get into this one (which I a...

1 reply

ChickenNugget wrote: Hi there, I am having some issues logging into an old account. I can get into this one (which I am posting from...


Baby name tool on your website doesn't work! Lock

For about a week now it doesn't let me add baby names to my favourites list. I've tried...

5 replies

Thanks guys. Our IT team are looking into this. cheers, Huggies Moderators


Please mods! Lock

Can you remove the 'pull the tab' thing? When I come on my phone I can't press act...

7 replies

Raspberry Sundae wrote: Just need them to lock the ancient threads now wink +1


Sunbathing topless? Lock

Hi, I have been advised to sunbath topless before I have bub to help with breast feeding (harden...

3 replies

Lol. Give the neighbours something to talk about


payments Lock

Hi is any1 aware of which payments you will receive from centrelink if you have a baby this year ...

2 replies

Haha thanks I wasnt sure if it was cut out all together. $1000 is better than nothing


What do you think of the name Shayla? Lock

I had the name Shayla picked out for dd2 but when I told my mum she said it sounded like a silly ...

7 replies

I like it. Definitely not a made up name. Not common, but not new.


Signing in Lock

I have to sign in twice! I sign in as normal, but when i click the active tab i have to sign in a...

4 replies

Thanks, yes seemed to have worked! Thanks very much!


How to upload a photo to forum Lock

Sorry ladies, this topic is bound to be covered but can't find it any where. How do I upload...

1 reply

Thanks it seems to have worked

Anyone one else??? Lock

I'll try and reply

2 replies

I can in fact I double post lately!!!