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ok so the new crze with signatures is BIG PHOTO's and this is how u do it my friends

[color=purple][b]FOR PHOTO (like mine)
you need photobucket or flickr (or anything else that u can upload pix to and resize) personally i prefer Flickr!

upload the pic/s u want to use to flickr ect. click on it once it has uploaded then go to 'resize' u can resize it to SMALL (240x180) once resized right click and select COPY

Open PAINT on ur computer (start- programs-accessories-paint)
click the page then pres CTRL+V . the picture u just resized should appear. Continue these resizing, copying and pasting steps for the amount of pics u desire rembering to line the pix up as u paste.

When done SAVE AS JPG to desktop (easy access)

then go to [url][/url] , upload ur saved PAINT file (where u just pasted the pics)
once uploaded, go to 2nd row of codes
IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards.
copy everthing in that box then paste that to ur signature section!

[color=red][b][i][u]When making a bigger photo signature PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not make it too long as it stretches the huggies screen.

if it goes from one side to the other of the paint screen it IS TOO LONG. if u are unsure if its too long post a msg on huggs, if u have to scroll the screen to hit reply or u cant see the report buttong without scrolling then its too long and u need to trim it a bit (just crop pix to make them skinnier!)[/color][/b][/u][/i]

Good luck every1 and have fun!

Thanks heaps. I had to reply so that it is trackable for future in my posts....
Thankyou so much you are so clever!!! Your steps are so easy to follow and the pics look great thankyou......

I dont have flicka or photobucket? is there ne other program or way i can do it... i have a very old computer!
would really appreciate the help!

testing again aaahhhh

thanks so much for your very easy to understand instructions. I'm have been bored as I am 38+ weeks pregnant and this has kept me busy for a while.

i dnt have photobucket or flickr so how can i do this? my comp is not old but i just dnt have this on my comp.


I don't have photo bucket either. What program do you use to edit your photos. My camera came with dimage viewer and I resized them there. I still had some problems though, so I also need to adjust them in paint by going to image and then stretch and skew and changing the % in the stretch section.

Hope that helps.

just trying thanks Jen

i''''m baking a baby

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