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Huggies Barcodes (helpful for promos) Rss

Trying to help with the barcode confusion!!!

Okay so far I know that:

[color=magenta][b][u] Bags:[/color][/b][/u]

016826= Newborn bag
016833= Newborn light green bag
017212= Infant girl bag
024197= Infant boy bag
017205= Infant boy bulk
023121- Crawlers girls bag
023152= Crawler boys bag
023114= Crawler boys bulk bag
024128= Toddler boys bag
023145= Toddler Ultra Dry girls Bulk Pack
024111= Toddler Ultra Dry Nappies - Girl

[color=magenta][b][u] Boxes:[/color][/b][/u]

000054= Newborn box
000023= Crawler girls box
000061= Crawler boys box
000047= Walker girls box
000030= Walker boys box
000016= Toddler boys box

[color=magenta][b][u]Washes & Lotions:[/color][/b][/u]

000719= Huggies lotion
000689= Total Baby Wash Lavender & Chamomile
000641= Total baby wash (500ml extra sensitive)
000665= Baby wash normal/dry skin Shea Butter
000634= Total body wash

[color=magenta][b][u]Wipes:[/color][/b][/ u]

021073= Unsented baby wipes travel pack
024357= Unscented baby wipes bulk
024340= Shea baby wipes bulk
024395= Unsented Baby wipes (refill bag)
024362= Shea butter wipes (refill bag)

[color=magenta][b][u]Misc Huggies products:[/color][/b][/u]

020007= Change mats

All my blanks have now been filled thanx to all you lovely Huggies Mummies [smile] but if anyone has a barcode that isn't on this list please PM me and I'll be more than happy to add it to the list for everyone to see!

Hopefully if it all gets filled in correctly Alison will be kind enough to make it a sticky for us [sad(]

Thanking you in advance for your time [smile]


[Edited on 11/04/2008]

Wow that is a huge help for me!
I have so many but couldnt figure out what was what lol
I emailed them this morning asking but no reply so thanx a million:)] Can i ask how did u figure them out??

Just looked through my labelled ones but some I forgot to label Doh! lol

Glad I could help smile]

023121- bag crawlers girls

Thanx bump n bub added it to the list smile]

Hi Nat,

The only one I can help you with is 000023 which is box of crawler girl.

I also have another code for the Total Baby Wash Lavender & Chamomile 000689.

I emailed them last night as I had two barcodes that I didn't what they were for and still haven't heard back from them but I rang the following number:

Consumer Advisory service on Australia 1800 028 334 or New Zealand 0800 733 703

and although I had to wait a bit the lady who answered was very helpful and she told me if I had anymore barcodes to just call back.
OK lol This is what I have:

016833 = Newborn light green bag
016826 = Newborn bright green bag
000030 = Boy Walker box
024395 = Unsented Baby wipes (refill bag)
024362 = Shea butter wipes (refill bag)
021073 = unsented baby wipes travel pack
020007 = Change mats
000641 = total baby wash (500ml extra sensitive)

I don't know:

017205 = Boy ?????
023114 = Boy (I think maybe crawler)

I probably have more if I look lol
Hope this helps someone

Leigha''s little men smile

023114= crawler boys bag
000061 = crawler boys box
017205 = boys bag
024357 = bulk wipes unscented
021073 = travel pack wipes
023114 = boys nappys
000030 = walker boys box
Toddler girls box is 000023
500ml baby wash dry to normal skin shea butter is 000665
[Edited on 05/02/2008]
Wow my PM box is chokers! lol I think the list is pretty close to being fully updated now, A big thanx to all who posted or PMd me smile]

Hope this helps out alot of us busy Mummies!

Thanx again


Hey Nat,

Did you work out the size for


Am I blind and just missed it??? If I did I am blaming Pumba lol

Edited because of..... Pumba lol
[Edited on 05/02/2008]

Leigha''s little men smile

Well I must be a Pumba 2! Cause I can't see it there! Will go back through and check again smile] ta for the heads up hehe

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