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I have noticed people are still having trouble with the Lilypie tickers.
Hopefully these instructions can help you...It took me a while to figure it out too....

If you are using Lilypie, you need the second code, or the one that says:

[b]PseudoHTML, UBBCode™ or BBCode
Used on many message boards that don't allow HTML.[/b]

It gives you a big long code like this

[ url=http://][b] [color=red][img]http:// bd. [/ img][/b][/color][/url]

You need to put into the Signature box of your forum details the [ i m g] everything in the middle &[/ i m g ]


make sure you include the brackets and there are no spaces in your code..

If it is half size you may need to go back to Lilypie and create a new ticker, with the full sized option...

Hope that helps
[Edited on 26/02/2008]
[Edited on 26/02/2008]
Thank you!!!! I finally got mine to work! smile
mine is still not working sad

[Image Removed]

OMG I am having so much trouble with this. Once saved, the website seems to be truncating it, and its not working ....Grrr.
Will keep trying!
[Edited on 26/02/2008]


Thanks heaps Ricki !!
Sorry, I misunderstood you. You mean ONLY put in the parts you have in red, and leave the rest thats in black off.
I have three degrees in law and still couldn't get that!! LOL. My brain is mashed potato at the moment smile

Your welcome -

I have changed my directions a little to make it a bit more helpful.
OMG I was getting soooo frustrated with it....

Hey does any1 no how to have two on here? I want one for my pregnancy which i have and been trying to add one for my sons count down to his bday but dont no how argh
just tried something..did it work??
nope sad
Ok, your instructions were nice and moron-proof, LOL.

I think Ive done the right thing (BUT I have said that before!)

Here goes nothing! Fingers crossed smile

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