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your welcome.

bump again for those still having trouble
bump for those having trouble
Ricki you should get this made into a sticky
good idea Casey, I haven't even thought of that...
i'm not just good looks you know... hahaha

I think it would be marvellous as a sticky as it is the most straight forward instructions in this area - good work
thanku here goes nothing
also can i ask is it possible to have 2 tickers?
and where would i find info on how to do those lovely photo things?
its my 1st wk with a computer

J&T Mum

Huggies has restrictions on the code size that you can input to the signature space, this limits the tickers to just the one...

thank you heaps for explaining it so easily, i have been trying to do a ticker for ages and was getting so frustrated. good luck with your pregnancy

just bumping for Mez smile
Just checking!

Is this working now!

i notice people are using other sites other than, what are they?

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