Dear members,

The Huggies Forum has been provided for its members as a safe space where parents and carers can come together to share their experiences and express their thoughts on pregnancy, child birth, and the many ups and downs of parenting. As parents ourselves, we recognise that mums and dads have other life interests secondary to their children, so we also encourage healthy discussion on topical issues and friendly chat with other members.

We are constantly striving to make the Huggies Forum a safe and friendly space for our members. To achieve this, we need our members’ help. It’s really important that all of our members recognise that they need to be quite cautious when posting on our Forum.

The Huggies Forum is a public forum. Any information or images posted on our Forum can be accessed by both our Baby Club members and the general public. For example, search engines may list any content posted on our Forum. The content of your posts including images may be copied and saved by our members or the general public.

We do not recommend that you post any personal information or images in your messages. Care is also required in the Private Message area. For your information, Net Alert provides some additional tips for posting on a public forum.

However, please be reassured that any personal details submitted on the Huggies website during the registration or update your details process are completely separate to public forum postings. Your personal details are never made public or shared in any way. This information is managed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

From time to time, you may come across posts which contravene our Forum rules. In this instance, we encourage all members to contact the Huggies Moderators immediately via the Report function at the bottom of every post.

In the regrettable event that you come across any messages which not only breach our Forum rules, but may also be unlawful, we recommend again that you contact the Huggies Moderator immediately via the Report function at the bottom of every post. We will then take prompt action and contact the appropriate authorities as necessary.

Do bring any concerns (no matter how small) to the attention of the Huggies Moderators. The support and co-operation of our members will ensure that the Huggies Forum remains a valuable resource for our members during their pregnancy and parenting journey.

Kind regards,
The Huggies Team

[Edited on 27/03/2008]