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My 13 month old boy won't stop spitting and biting. I try to ignore it or discipline him when he does it but it just won't work! Any ideas? He seems to only bite me, not my partner. But the spitting is very bad and he will do it to anybody. Very embarrassing!
My almost 18mth DS went through a biting stage a few months ago. He would come up & snuggle next to you then bite when he was trying to be sneaky about it, other times he would just bite.
I used to yell NO then push him (gently i didn't shove) away. Yelling NO would startle him but then he would laugh & try again which is why I had to push him away aswell.
It would stop him for a few hours then he would be at it again. I just had to be persistant with him, but he got there in the end. He only ever bite me & once or twice bit DH.
Make a plan for what you are going to do when he does it and be consistent. I would place him in his room and walk away without saying anything and without making eye contact. I wouldn't yell at him... often kids do these things because of your reaction. It gets your attention and even a negative reaction can be attention for them.

Is he better if you sit down several times a day and give him some one on one time? He might be craving your full attention sometimes and its hard when we're such busy mums to give them this time some days.

The same reaction from you each time is super important. They don't like being isolated in their rooms and soon learn not to do it as its they know already what will happen and don't want to go to their room.

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