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"Tact is a careful consideration of the feelings and values of another so as to create harmonious relationships with a reduced potential for conflict or offense.

Tact is a form of interpersonal diplomacy. Tact is the ability to induce change or communicate hurtful information without offending through the use of consideration, compassion, kindness, and reason."

Ok thats just a wikipedia explanation but seriously!!!! Some people on this site need some!!!

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Yes that is very true but some people think that they can make a nasty comment and then justify it with IMO

PM Me For a link to an awesome site

Sorry, do you mean that quote is offensive?
Well said Shana. What was the point in starting this post? To make people bite?

Yes a little Tact- rather than attacks would be nice. I don't mind a good debate- but sometimes it truely does go wayyyyyyyy beyond that. One thing- all these posts show that we are all very passionate opinionated women- no fence sitters here.
No. Simply that in some threads people cant get their info across without being nasty.
Mummy 2 b, most of the ladies are lovely!

this thread is almost as bad as the threads atarted AFETR a nasty thread being closed saying 'oh cant we all just be friends and get along'

ERRMMM obviously not!

ppl are gonna have different opinins and sum ppl are gonna try to tell other ppl they are wrong ITS GONNA HAPPEN heaps like it has b4 its never gonna stop!

there has been SOOO many of these stupid threads (no offense hun) it doesnt make a difference!
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When my parents bought their house (20 something years ago) there was a plaque above one of the doors. It says:

[b][i]"Tact is the ability to shut your mouth before someone else wants to shut it for you.."[/b][/i]

Makes me smile everytime I see it!
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