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Test Post

Test Post

3 replies

Just wanted to say thanks mods


just checking signature pic


1 reply

... ggrrr! Can anyone tell me how to put a pic up using photobucket?


Having trouble accessing the site

Since yesterday ive been having issues loading huggies (the whole site), it either goes white or ...

3 replies

hi guys, unfortunately the whole Huggies website is facing a bandwidth overload since late Monday 12 Dec. The technical team have be...

Email notification issues

Just a test post, to see if your email notification function is up and running now. Fingers crossed

1 reply

Test post.


Guide for Making Flash SWF on DVD Player

Guide for Making Flash SWF on DVD Player If you are a hard-core DVD fan prefer higher Flash vid...

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That little avatar really looks nothing like me! Tried to put one of my pics up but its too big,...

3 replies

Thanks! I'll get onto it tonight. couldn't be bothered now Helenxx


Help need advice returned to work having some feeding issues

Help... I have returned to work early for financial reasons and have breastfeed my daughter who i...

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The Change Of 60's Wedding Dress

The early sixties showed little change on the front of the Landybridal wedding dress. The only re...

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How do I change my name???

There's another user with a very similar name to mine so I am wondering if it's possible to chang...

2 replies

It's really easy- first, click on the 'Profile' link on the top right when you're on any forum page. Then click on 'Edit my Profile...



ticker test

2 replies

Photo test..


Mods- Trying to report Spam!!!

Hi Mods (if you are out there) Can you please delete all posts by Linlei100 they are starting to...

4 replies

Yep same error: " Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/deploy/apps/huggiesForum/releases/20110713070...


Barcode Promotions - Please Help

Hi, I have lots of barcodes but can't remember what products they come from, see below. Can anyon...

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Lilypie ticker instructions

I have noticed people are still having trouble with the Lilypie tickers. Hopefully these instruct...

97 replies



Sick of PMing not working!!

Honestly, I hardly use it but it's doing my head in! I got an email last week from the mods sayi...

2 replies

Hi ladies, Please email us at so we can chat directly about the problems that you are still experiencin...


repling to a post from emails

Hi, I get notifications to my email adress to the forums I watch. I click on the link and it bri...

1 reply

The way I get around that is to log into Huggies first, then check my e-mails, and open the forum link I want to reply to in another...


Cannot PM

Hi, I cannot pm, every time I try I get an error message about not putting website URL's in the m...

1 reply

Oh great thanks. I don't come on that often but have tried to send PM's a few times now and I haven't been able to. Thanks


Could someone please tell me how to add friends on here???

Hello If someone could please answer my question that would be great ... I have no friends onli...

1 reply

You click on the little person to the right of a users name to add them as your friend. The more you post the more people will get t...


Watching topic? Where do I find my subscriptions??

I have clicked watch topic but decided I didn't want emails but I cannot find my subscriptions pa...

2 replies

Wicked thank you, weird place though!!!!


PM Techincal Glitches

Trying to send a PM, and it reckons: An untrapped error occurred: DO NOT PUT website links in me...

1 reply

I've been having that problem quite a bit lately. Some days it will work fine other days I can't send any PM's. I think alot of peop...


Huggies won't let me reply to my messages

Whenever I try to reply to a message I get this: The following errors were found An untrapped e...

6 replies

Nope, I still can't reply! I am a snob too I also now have the problem of having the symbol of a new message showing, but I can't c...


Cant read message

Hi there, I am fairy new to forums and noticed i have a private message (i think) however i when ...

3 replies

Thanks TazzyWinkle. Oh and for anyone puzzled by my typo i'm not a fairy,lol. i am fairly new to forums

Technical Glitches when posting

Yep, I started a thread and it showed up 3 times on the forum! Hope its fixed soon

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Missing from posts

Why is my pm icon and the + icon missing from my posts. Have i forgot to do something in my profile?

2 replies

you don't see you own icons Thanks, i am a bit of a daft biatch arent i! lol


Technical Glitch on MumInspired forms!

Hello all, I am so excited about the Huggies MumInspired grant, but every time i try to continue ...

1 reply

Hi, we are sorry to hear that you are having a problem applying for the MumInspired grants. The IT team are looking into your issue...


Profile picture

I have changed my picture in my profile but in my posts its still not there. Am i doing something...

3 replies

Not sure if this helps I have done it several times and it has worked for me; Click on edit my profile Click change photo Use...


i can't work out how to add a image to my signature

I cant work out how to add a image to my signature, does it have to be some a website, why cant i...

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how do i do smileys? :-(

i tried a post on here that said do this ] with the brackets but not working

3 replies

haha i thought you meant with a lighter i was thinking what a strange post for a parenting forun bahaha....ok blonde moment over ...




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Wholesale vogue edhardy apparel and accessories---good imitate

wholesale Ed Hardy Store • Ed Hardy Man Hoodies http://www.pradash...

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signing in anonymously

Hi i was wondering if anyone can tell me how to sign in anonymously please.I cant work it out an...

2 replies

Are you wanting to post on the threads or just look? Cos you dont have to sign in the look at the threads, but you might need to mak...


How do I delete a thread I started?

Hi, Please let me know how to delete a thread I have started. TIA

2 replies

you can only delete the first post or any subsequent ones you wrote by editing them - use the full editor and you can also delete th...


Just checking new avatar

Just checking my new avatar

1 reply

Grr its not working!


How do I add friends?

Hi Fairly new to using huggies regularly, I have no friends I know my sister is on here, but I ...

6 replies

Thanks so much!!! I thought it would have been easier, but that definitely makes sense. Appreciate it heaps No problem! Glad you...


Pinned topic Suggestions

I've noticed alot of people start threads for little things bugging them at the time. Why not mak...

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Packing away baby clothes

DS has grown out of alot of his clothes but they are still in great condition so I want to keep t...

2 replies

Hi there, With both of my kids, I have purchased those enormous storage boxes with lids and rollers on the bottom that you can buy ...


Members list

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me where the 'Members' tab is as I can not see one anywh...

3 replies

Thanks for that If you click on 'forum activity' on the right hand side the members tab is at the top of that page just inder th...


User name changed

Hi, I have tried to change my username to add my sons name into it. When I go onto MY HUGGIES it ...

2 replies

It didnt work Bummer hey I want to add my little man's name to it but cant

Does your profile always say Currently Offline when you are online??

Just wondering if anyone else's profile say Currently Offline when you are online?? Cheers ?

6 replies

same here. apparently we're all offline...yet somehow talking to each other hmmmmm.........