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Ebay Items (or other trading sites) Rss

If you have stuff listed on ebay, please share it here!!

There used to be a thread awhile ago (maybe a year or so ago) for this and it was great.

Jodi Picoult Book (Brand New)
My link

Pumpkin Patch Newborn items (Brand New)
My link

Two other cute little outfits (0000 and 000) (Both Brand New)
My link

Thanks for starting this thread, it is a great addition to the forum.

This thread will probably generate a bit of traffic so I've pinned it for easy future use.

Thanks again for your contribution smile
I have an Ebay Store, selling NEW & used baby clothes, new jewellery, new cot sheets and blankets and more.

Please visit

Could your TV fall on your child?

Hi I am a simply a mum who was worried about exactly that. I found a great product from Denmark and we began importing them.

The Anti Tip TV Strap allows you to secure your TV to the furniture or wall. A great solution when you cant wall mount your TV. Easy to install into a safe TV cabinet.

Please check out our ebay store Mother Knows Best

Thanks for visiting us <span class="emoticon grin">grin</span>
Hi Everyone,
Just want to share my ebay listings, i have just started up and iam selling Gorgeous beads that fit PANDORA and other EUROPEAN Style Charm Bracelets. Please feel free to have a look as they are pretty charms and they are cheap.

Here are my listings:

Thanks kindly,
GorgeousCharms2Love xx
I've just listed boys clothes sizes 0 to 2 on Ebay My link there's about 10 different listings, so check out my other items too. I will be listing more boys clothes and some girls clothes around size 3-4 soon too (when kids give me some free time to do it lol)
I use ebay for selling a lot of things, but I have found a website where you do not need to pay fees for selling things for babies and kids and it has been working well for me:

I have a lot of clothes for baby girl and I am happy to sell them all for $10. They are very cute, some from PumpinPatch. If anyone is interested I can post them.
What about trademe? Anyone selling things on there?
Here is a link to an album with stuff I am selling.

I have heaps more photos to add as well.
items sold-but dont know how to delete my post wink
I haven't listed my items on EB but I have an album on my facebook profile.

Here is a link to all the TW that I have for sale.

Prices are negotiable as need to sell to make room for baby number 2.
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