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I was wondering if anyone has had any success using Home Business Solutions.
Am interested but a bit unsure about taking the risk...

I was wondering if anyone has had any success using Home Business Solutions.
Am interested but a bit unsure about taking the risk...

Are you talking about the e-commerce work from home websites? It really depends on how you want to conduct your business. If you want an online store, purely to be picked up by google shoppers then there is more money to be spent on the site to have this work for you. If you want it as a shopfront for party plan, markets, ect then they can work.
When buying an e-commerce store for online success you need to invest in SEO costs which is a month by month agreement.
There are other options to buy from also, but they will all have pros and cons.
Try going online to a WAHM forum, I know of one that has just started
I think there is a reader of that forum that can help you.
Home Business Solutions are a long term advertiser of mine on the WAHM site.

What did you want to know, maybe I can help?

They are a reputable and honest Advertiser providing turnkey online business website using wholesalers and dropshippers.

I purchased a website from home business solutions about 2 years ago - best thing i ever did. they are very helpful with questions and support and i did need some assistance when i was learning the ropes. i have a wedding website and usually profit around $500 per week. i only planned to do this part time in between kids (i have 4, no. 5 on the way) but its defininely turned out to be much more than pocket money. if only i had more time. they do show you how to advertise, and seo is part of their instructions and built into the website, they show you how to setup keywords and meta tags. i actually lost my instruction booklet and my training cd and contacted them for a replacement - they posted one straight out at no cost, even though i have had my site for 2 years now. i cannot say enough about them and would certainly recommend them, I have a great little business and its something i could never have done by myself without their assistance.

my dad also used them to get a website setup for his spare parts business (he already had the business and products) - he's also very happy and found the instructions and their website very easy to use. He's 63 and is new to both a computer and the internet. He managed to forget his password at least 5 or 6 times in the beginning and it was no problem, they gave him a new password each time and contacted him immediately to provide further instruction and assistance. They even helped him with his images, the sizes he had were too big, they assisted him with resizing them even though they were his own products and suppliers. they even suggested free software that he could download to fix his pictures in future.

good luck
Joanne, I too am looking into Building a Home Business Solution business, Is there any chance you could email me your website address to look at?
Also, my SIL is a wedding co-ordinator so she is always on the prowl for websites she can forward and advertise to her blushing brides.
Hi Tobynjess

How did you go with Home Business Solutions. Did it work out for you?

Bek_B, and success yourself?
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