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Your Recipes & Cooking Tips

What to do with leftover BBQ Roast Chicken?? Lock

I think just about everyone of us has started one of these post over time, which got me thinking,...

29 replies

Do you like to cook? Then I will tell you one wonderful recipe. You will really like it. Chic...

Slowcooker recipes in here.... PLEASE SHARE Lock

Please put your slow cooker recipes in here. i have just got one and would love your ideas. if...

80 replies

I've just got my slow cooker for xmas and been on a mad hunt for recipes So far I've only tried the Masterfood meal base SLOW COOKER...


Lazy Dinners Lock

On nights when I just cb* preparing a meal let-alone doing the cleanup I usually resort to pizza....

63 replies

Sausage bake... Cover the bottom of a large baking dish with rice add a tin of condensed soup (any flavour) fill the tin with water...


Recipes for Babies and Toddlers with Food Allergies Lock

Hi Everyone With the growing number of children whose diets are affected by various food allergi...

13 replies

Hi All, Just reading your discussion around allergies in children. My son is 8 months old and has a milk intolerance so the recipe'...

Lactation Boosting Biscuit Recipe Lock

Lactation Boosting Biscuit Recipe 1 cup butter or marg 1 cup sugar 1 cup brown sugar 4 tablespo...

21 replies

Hi There Mums!! I am expressing breast milk for my bubs and have noticed that as she is drinking more my supply isnt really increas...


Recipe of the Month Compettion Lock

Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to let you know that this promotion can now be found in our regul...

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Fish Lock

Which frozen ones are good? I am a new fish eater and want to have more in my diet but im still a...

5 replies

It's not weird to say fish tasting fish! I actually know exactly what you mean. Salmon is a good one for a different taste. A...

N 06 * I 09

Need a Salad Recipe Please Lock

Am having people for lunch on Saturday and I am rubbish at making salad! So does anyone have a ni...

28 replies

here more ditails -


easy chocolate cake ( just use spoon to mix) Lock

I have also made it without the cocoa to make just a plain vanilla cake 1 cup SR flour 1...

10 replies

No ideas for a dessert? Then take this cookie recipe jaffa cake recipe The recipe is quite light and very tasty. Ingredients 3 smal...


Mince Recipes Ideas Lock

Hi Ladies, I'm hoping someone has an idea of what I can make tonight with beef mince. I'm a bit ...

8 replies

I want to recommend you a recipe for nachos that I recently came across. I think you will like ...


Zucchini! Lock

So, my neighbours from when i lived with my parents has give me 2 MASSIVE zucchini's from their g...

16 replies

Hi! I found good recipe with Zucchini - Really healthy and tasty)

Meatloaf?? Lock

I am wanting to make meatloaf for dinner.. anyone have some yummy recipes for me to try??

25 replies

I know a site where you can find a great idea for dinner. Here are some very interesting recipes. And read in detail about the prepa...



Hi i have a 5 1/2 month old daughter and she will not eat potato. no matter wat i put it with she...

3 replies

I like to cook. And I think that it will be useful for you to find out how to cook potatoes well.

EGG and NUT FREE snack recipes please Lock

My son has a couple of children in his class that have severe allergies to nuts and eggs Does an...

19 replies

Hi! I found How Long to Boil Eggs Maybe it will help someone!)) Take a Look


Half boiled egg for 2 year old Lock

A friend of mine has been giving half boiled egg to 2 year old. What are your thoughts on giving...

6 replies

I found good advice How Long to Boil Eggs. Maybe it will help someone!)) Try

how do you make Lock

hey i was wondering how do you make crispy roast potatos? do you put anything on them?

9 replies

Recently I came across a guide to baking potatoes. I really liked the recipe that is on this page.


White sauce with margarine? Lock

Does it work?? I forgot to buy butter!! Grr

7 replies

Do you like to cook something new? I love very much. Therefore, I recommend you my favorite sauce recipe.


Chocolate lasagna recipe Lock

INGREDIENTS 1 package regular Oreo cookies (Not Double Stuff) – about 36 cookies 6 Tablespoon but...

10 replies

Hi Everyone! I know best lasagna recipes. Check it here - Homemade Lasagna, Vegetab...


chick Peas Lock

I have been tidying up my pantry and I have noticed that I have a few too many tins of chick peas...

18 replies

You may need this recipe for hamburger soup. How To Make Hangover Soup My family really likes it.


mince. Lock

it needs to be used and it always seems to be on special so i always stock up on it BUT i only ca...

11 replies

You might like this hamburger soup recipe. How To Make Hangover Soup The soup turns out very nourishing and tasty.

Mince... Lock

Does anyone have a quick easy mince recipe that someone with the flu could handle cooking? Thanks.

4 replies

Keep a cool hamburger soup recipe. How To Make Hangover Soup There are many ingredients. And the soup is very nourishing and tasty.


garlic suace recipe Lock

Hi does anyone know how to make garlic sauce?? if so could i please have it. Thanks in advance

6 replies

Try this sauce recipe. There are very affordable ingredients. including garlic. How To Make Szechuan Sauce I was just thrilled. ...


I need to make a really special birthday cake a week ahead. Lock

Its my dads birthday on Sunday and he has now decided he is having something. It has been request...

23 replies

Yesterday I made a pineapple cake according to the recipe from this site. Best Cake Recipes He turned out great. Perhaps you will f...


Banana Bread recipe Lock

Hi does anybody have the recipe for banana bread? I have looked in my recipe books, but no recipe...

4 replies

Hi! Here is my favourite recipe of banana bread: Ingredients 1 cup granulated sugar ½ cup butter 2 large eggs 3 ripe bananas mashed ...

Spaghetti Bolognese Lock

Does anyone have a good recipe? I don't have the sauce I usually use so I have to make it from sc...

7 replies

This is my favourite bolognese sauce recipe, very tasty! Ingredients 1 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil 1 onion, chopped 1 carrot, peele...


Slow roast pork Lock

If I wanted to slow roast a 1.74(missing numbers?)k pork shoulder how long do I cook it for and w...

5 replies

Hi) Just check out this web site, I take all my recipes from here: A lot's of recipe...


How to make Ganache for my cake? Lock

I am a beginner in this field, and now I want to make a ganache for my cake. I don't know th...

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Slow cooker- potato bake Lock

Yes, yes wrong section- blahdy smite me oh powerful Huggies smiter! I would happily post...

4 replies

And how do you set the garbage disposals so that the child cannot reach? I'm planning to take this one — https://bestsinkdispos...


Does any one have: Lock

Im like craving it. But so not pregnant! Can anyone help?

3 replies

Butter Chicken is one of the most popular Chicken preparations from North India. This mildly spiced preparation is best enjoyed with...

Chocolate mud cake Lock

Hi all, I'm one of the "unfortunates" who is allergic to chocolate.... However I need to make ...

8 replies

I have made a simple chocolate cake. You have just need condenser milk, sugar, purpose flour, baking soda, butter, baking powder a...

mum of 3 boys 1 girl

can you buy replacement covers for flip out sofas? Lock

if so where? thanks heaps

5 replies

Marmalade Lion have brought out a range of washable couch covers! They have a waterproof lining inside as well which helps. They are...


Regrowing Veges in water Lock

Hi Have any mums tried regrowing veges in water. I have had success with garlic and lettuce but ...

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Idea's for cooking with diced beef Lock

Need ideas or recipes for what I can cook with 500g of Diced beef?

11 replies

+1 to beef stroganoff Also try this ones:


beef stroganoff Lock

Hello lovely mummies, Anyone got a yummy beef stroganoff recipe? I have googled but am not impre...

6 replies

hi girls! Yesterday we try this recipe . Awesome! Also my husband, ask to me, to...


What's your favourite cake? Lock

I have to make a cake for a dinner we're going to tomorrow night and am looking for inspirat...

10 replies

BANANA CAKE Delicious flavoursome wholesome meal Banana cake is like easy dinner recipes enjoyable with family and friends wh...


Easy recipes please Lock

I've started taking the ingredients for a recipe along to day care once a week so the kids can ha...

4 replies

VEGETABLE SOUP ich and full of many vitamins that provide the body with antioxidants and fun and useful and easy recipes food for...


Favourite recipe Lock

What is your favourite recipe. Dinner, baking anything. I want to get back into cooking (healthy...

3 replies

I love pizza! All kinds! And everything that has chocolate in it!


Chocolate cake recipes Lock

Anyone have a tried and true chocolate cake recipe that uses oil instead of butter?

13 replies

Zinkles wrote: Hey! grin I tried mummsy's one because I figured I'd start from the top and work my way down wink It didn&...

Cuddles for Mum

Sausage rolls Lock

Hi Ladies, So, have had some sausage mince in the freezer for ages and been meaning to make sausa...

7 replies

You should try my dads recipe for Dutch Sausage Rolls. Here you see a video of me and my dad making them. He used to make them for y...