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Just would like to start up a thread on recipes for babies from 6 months. I have a 7 month old son and would love to cook more homemade food for him rather than rely on the bought baby foods. I have checked out the Heinz website and there only seems to be recipes for 9 month olds. Mainly lunch and dinner ideas. Thanks, Elle
Hey Ellebaby,
I know that my stepmother used to mash potatoes, pumpin and sweet potato (im sure you could use other vegies) and freeze them in little containers and would give my little sisters that for dinner, i cant remember how old they were at the time but im pretty sure she started at about 6 months. It was simple and easy and my sisters really liked it.
Also she used to puree' apples (she bought the apples in the tins that you use for making apple pie as they were softer and sweeter) for dessert.

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

Hi Elle,

this website has a section on recipes go to pregnancy and parenting and look under feeding your baby. my friends and i have tried some of the recipes and they are very tasty.

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

Thanks for your help jacmad, I did see those recipes but nothing really took my fancy..I ended up buying the Womans Weekly 'Babies and Toddlers Good Food' which I have found to be fantastic. But I would still love to hear some original home cooking ideas that parents have tried.
Cheers, Elle
Hi Elle

My daughter Ella is 7months, she's not a big eater but that doesnt stop me trying... smile

I cooked up some pumpkin, potato, carrot and broccoli, mashed it and added a tiny bit of grated cheese... not that she's a big eater but she seemed to like it. Have also done the same thing and added some pureed chicken (not easy but used baby mouli to puree it).

I'd be interested in learing of some interesting ones if you come accross any.


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

Thanks Bel, I tried your recipe out, but I also added some rice with the chicken & vegies and pureed it up, he loved it. Today I blended up leftover rice with a tin of pears and a banana and just a pinch of cinnamon for his lunch and that went down very quickly!

that sounds great!!! The rice/pears/banana and cinnamon sounds fantastic too but unfortunately Ella breaks out in a rash everytime i give her banana... total bummer because she LOVES it!!!!!

Any other thoughts?


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

Hi Bel,
Bummer about the bananas..I do have another one but it wasnt my idea so dont give me the credit *L*, I saw it on the heinz baby site. Zach just loves it..its called 'babys apple pie' 2 arrowroot biscuits with 50 ml of breast milk or formula added, zapped in the microwave for like 30 secs, then add 1 teaspoon of baby rice and a jar of heinz pureed apple and a pinch of cinnamon, mix it all up and taa daa..a very yummy dessert.

YUM, that sounds great, have written it down and will try in near future!!!

Yeh it is a bummer about banana but i'll keep trying her and hopefully she'll grow out of it!

Another thing i've done for Ella for breakfast is 2tbspn of rice cereal mixed with a couple of tspns of apple or pear and a couple of teaspoons of yogurt... she LOVES it!!!!! would make a good dessert to i spose!


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

Hi again Bel,
Will try the yogurt next time with his rice cereal, good idea thanks! Whipped up another recipe tonight..tin of Heinz Kids spagetti bolognaise (mashed up to your babys texture) mixed with mashed pumpkin and potato, it makes 2 meals. It went down very well!


I add half a tiny tin of salt reduced baked beans with my sons vegies. He really likes it. I also use creamed corn, I rinse it in a sieve to wash all the salt and thickeners off and it is the perfect texture to encourage him to start chewing. For breakfast I give him weetbix with a tin of pureed fruit. 1 tin is enough to make 1 weetbix soggy. Also I cook and mash apple and pear and freeze in ice cube trays, defrost in the microwave and serve mixed with baby muesli. Tinned pie fruit is good too because there is nothing added to it and it is kind of mushy, I freeze the pie apricots and peaches in ice cube trays so I have the right amount when I want to use them. I also have just got a cookbook for baby food so if there are any really good recipes I will write them in.


P.S. Loved the apple pie recipe.

Danielle, 28, Vic, 1st son born 2/6/03

Hey Danielle, great ideas! writing them down as we speak. Which baby cook book do you have? if its the same as mine you might have already got the 'white or cheese sauce' recipe, its great to add to mashed vegies.
20g butter
2 teaspoons plain flour
1/2 cup (125ml) formula/breat milk
1 tablespoon finely grated cheese
Melt butter then stir in flour, remove from heat, gradully stir in milk, then cook stirring until mixture boils and thickens, add cheese.

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