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Hello there... I need some ideas for brekky for my 5 month old. Because she's so young, I have to puree all her food, which doesn't leave me with many options. We've done apple, pear, apple & pear... figured it was time for more variety. Help!!!
[Edited on 05/12/2007]


I don't think that she needs more variety than this at 5 months.

When did you start her on solids?

Both of mine started at 4 months. The recommendations are for no younger than 6 months though.

Do you give her rice cereal?

I think both of mine at 5 months was rice cereal, then I started blending things in like fruit, and vegetables.

Although it's a good idea to start with veg as well because they get used to it that way, a good one to start is pumpkin.

Also do you give 3 meals a day? I would think that at 5 months, more than one solid a day is too much. (IMO) I used to do solids at night, when we were all sitting down to dinner.

Also another fruit you might like to try would be mashed banana. That's one they always like, but you would have to mash it really really finely.
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