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Which apples do I use? Lock Rss

Hello everyone,

I am going to make all my own food for my almost 5 month old. The last month she has been on rice cereal and I now would like to introduce pureed apples to her. Anyone know which apples are best or does it not matter?

Also just wondering, how long would it last in the freezer?

Cheers, Angelique

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Hi Ange,
I used a variety of apples for Gemma when I was doing the puree, but probably found Royal Gala to be the nicest! However, I would use any type, depending on what was on special, and she still gobbled it all down!! I probably wouldn't freeze it any longer than 3 months - if it can last that long!!

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I just used any apples that were on special for my baby. But I didn't use Grany Smith in the start, as I thought these might be a bit sour for her...

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