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hi i have bought everthing i need to make a trifle but i am only using magoes and mango jelly as this is what im craving... how do i do it? do i put the mago in the jelly or seperate? what goes in first.. sponges or jelly... is it then whipped cream and custard.. please help.. i am on standby waiting to make it now

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sorry i cant help, but you made me laugh!! good luck with it!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Cravings ah yes!!
This is a recipe I use every Christmas
Cut sponge in half spread surface with jam, sandwich them together, cut into cubes, put is bottom of dish, spoon sherry (not necessary if your'e not having alcohol) spoon fruit (mango) and fruit salad juice over sponge set aside. Add jelly, or if you like fruit in your jelly wait till it has 1/4 set. Prepare your custard, pour over sponge, add whipped cream on top decorate with more fruit and nuts.

Sorry im a bit late to help you out this time rebecca. but my mum makes the bestest trifle ever...

she buys those little jam sponge rolls and cuts them into about 1cm thick slices to cover the whole bottom of the bowl with, then covers them with a couple tablespoons of sherry. then she adds the jelly and puts that in the fridge to set. next add a layer of custard, then a layer of cream and mum puts peach peices on top of hers but if your craving mango then use mango.

maybe next time you could try this.

Hi My hubby makes the Best trifle

I bake a cake for him once it has cooled down he cuts it up in little squres and puts ina large bowl then makes up jelly BUT he pours it over the cake and lets it set over that then makes his custard (from custard powder) then pours that over the jelly once it has set then puts on the top Fresh whipped cream.. He would put alchol in it but i dont like it in there so he dosent do it for me..

He uses any flavour jelly but mainly raspberry or strawberry but he uses two packs for this as the cake soaks alot of it up.

But he did put a can of fruit in there once year still nice but wasnt the same..

Good luck

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