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i need a savoury recipe thats appealing to 2 - 5 yr olds that can be served cold (preferably a finger food). My son has a take a plate thing for lunch for the Melbourne Cup at his day care. I really wanted to do something creative.

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hey i saw this thing on TV once...make some sandwiches, without the crusts, and then cut some cucumber into circles, stick a toothpick through one cucumber and then join it to another, then do the same with another 2 pieces of cucumber, and then put the sandwich on top... it makes a pretty funky little sandwich car!i dont know if that made sense?? lol it did in my head anyways lol. im not sure if toothpicks are such a great idea around little ones, but if they are all sitting at a table and eating then supervision is probably advisable!
hmm if i think of n e thing else i will let you know!
i have a few!!!
Corn Fritters
ham and cheese puffs
tasty tuna triangles
meaty pizza wedges
cheese and bacon tarts
corn cheese puffs
ham and pineapple pinwheels
ham and cheese scrolls
ham and egg roll

Sorry i was just going through my recipes & sorting out what you could eat cold!!
Hope this helps
If you like any i will email you the recipe

I may be way off base my son doens't go to day care so I don't know what they deem ok food but for creative my first thought is to get a horse shaped cookie cutter (or clean up one out of the play doh box) and make horse shaped cookies maybe a choc chip or something similar for the eye or horse shaped fairy bread. Good Luck.
Hi Sam - on Claires idea of muffins- my quick cheat method is to go and by a green multi purpose muffin packet mix, make to instructions and add what savoury you want. I do cheese, onion and bacon in mine and they are yummo!

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A few letters are sticking on my keyboard, probably someones juice in it! I meant BUY, and its called Greens Multi Purpose Muffin Mix - in with all the packet cake mixes at your shop! Very moist!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

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