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hi there everyone, just new at this but wondering when ya start giving your baby solids is tin fruit okay.Imean you puree it first. Also is it cheaper to buy tin fruit? Or should you simply just buy baby tin fruit. I am one to make my own babies food. Hope all is well with everybody.

bams,WA, 3mth daughter

Hi justlove, I dont know the answer to this one. What I would do is the next time you are at the shops check out the tin fruit in the baby section to see what age group they suggest. If they recommend for your little ones age group then I would say it should be ok. The tin fruit in the larger tins are much cheaper however you will end up with a pretty large amount. You probably would have to either go halves with another mum or freeze it into ice cubes etc. If you are not sure what to do just have a chat with your health nurse on your bubs next check up.
just to add to what Janeen said. you should check the sugar levels and sodium etc . it may be too much for a little bubbys kidneys to break down.

compare the nutricional panels of both tins.

u might be able to dilute it with boiled water.

u could always phone a dietition.
(i'm not real good on th spelling smile )

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just use the ones without added sugar you can also use goulburn valley fruit puree it comes in diffent flavors and u get 3 in the pack each tub has 140g

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Hi all,

This is something i have always wondered about too! Although my son is nearly 9 months old.

I am going to buy a tin with no added sugar and in a natural syrup and give it a go. Fresh fruit is tooo expensive i reakon, not to mention the peeling and cooking!


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Try and get fruit in natural juice rather than the syrup cos that has lots of extra sugar.

Love steph

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Thanks Steph, thats the sort of things i needed to know! wink


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

We use either SPC or Goulburn Valley as both state they do not have any added sugar, no artificial colours or flavours & no preservatives only natural juice. The ingredients states Apple (100%).We have special plastic containers which have their own labels of what is in them. You can get all sorts of different fruit. The tin does say to use within 5 days of opening. I just put it into a blender then straight into the containers then into the fridge. My son is nearly 21 months old and I mix the fruit in with his breakfast cereals, yoghurts or just straight. We found it was much cheaper this way as I can buy a tin with 800g for just under $2 (cheaper when on special) or buy 140g of Goulburn Valley all ready to be eaten for around the same price. It just means we have be be organised as we have to blend our own. But be warned you will be surprised how much comes out of one can!!.
Can you freeze tinned fruit or pureed tinned fruit?

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I havent yet, after the 5 days I just throw it out. I have heard of people making their own ice blocks with fruit puree but I am not sure if they use tinned or fresh. Sorry I dont know the answer to that one.
I'd suggest buying a large amount of certain fruits. Sure, tinned fruit might be cheaper but I'd say there is nothing compared to freshly cooked food as far as nutrients are concerned. If you buy large amounts, it'll be cheaper than buying small amounts of fresh fruit (try to get to the markets for this). Cheaper because you'll pay less per kilo for bulk and cheaper for gas/electricity because you will cook it all in one lot. Once you've done this, puree and freeze, take out as required, making sure you defrost the amount you need in your refrigerator prior to feeding to bub.
Hope this helps.



thanks alot everyone. you have all been a great help. ill be sure to try a few ideas

bams,WA, 3mth daughter

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