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vegie patties or healthy "trick" meals Lock Rss

my lil man loves to eat what we do, trouble is we like sausgaes and chips, and stuff, and he HATES vegies, he wil eta potato if i fry it and thats it! he eats tomato and fruit though.. any ideas? vegie patties? or recipies i can trick hi with? hehe

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

hi there

well i am to finding it really hard to get vegies into my daughter at the moment ( 2 yr old) what i did was i know my daughter likes soups so i made a huge pot of vegie soup and put it into chinese takeaway containers and put it in the freezer enough for a meal for her and a light snack for myself (hubby doesnt eat soup) and when i havent been able to get vegies into her for a couple of days i pull out a container of soup and serve it to her for lunch or dinner and i put pasta shapes in it so she thinks its really good so you could maybe try that and see how you go just make enough the first time for that meal. and yes i know summer is coming but vegie soup is still nice just luke warm not hot

hope that helps a little

Ps let me know how you get on

Renee d.o.b: 7/12/03, Aiden d.o.b: 22/12/05

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