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Mince and vegies. Rss

Hi everyone,

Here is a recipe that my 7 1/2 month old boy loves, hope your babies love it too. Here it is:-

Pumpkin (35%), sweetcorn (30%) , potato (20%), carrot (5%) and lean minced meat. Just cooked the mince seperately, then either microwave, steam or boil all vegies together until very tender. Then either mash with fork (I prefer this for texture) or blend to your babies liking then mix the mince through.

My boy loves this - he has been having this same recipe for 1 week, and never gets sick of it.


Mum to toddler

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the idea! I am about to start my son on some meat soon, so i will try this. It might also help him to enjoy a bit of texture too with the mince.


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