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Left over rice bubbles - what can I make? Rss

Hi all,

Bought a box of rice bubbles the other week to make choc crackles for my daughters birthday.

Now I have over half a box left and as we don't have these for cereal am after a recipe that these would be suitable for.

I have a mothers get together to go to next week - anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance

2 cutie kids!

Hi cutiesgirlsmum

There are some Rice Bubbles recipes at the Kellogs site that sound great:

Their Banana Nut Bread recipe sounds so good - I might have to give that one a go myself!

Happy cooking!

Mum to Madi & Jake

Mars Bar slice is perfect for the sweet tooth!

3 mars bars
3 cups rice bubbles
3 oz butter

just melt the mars bars and butter in a bowl over a saucepan of water
mix with the rice bubbles and place in a tray adn put in fridge to set.

top with some melted chocolate and sprinkle coconut on top... yum and so simple!!!
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