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Is this some kind of a joke? Lock Rss

The post re: my missing couscous recipe which I posted last night has now dissappeared?

Can you please tell me what exactly is going on here.


mum of 1

Hi Jo,
Yesterday I replied to your post re your missing recipe as my pasties recipe went missing from the July recipe of the month post also. Last night I recieved an email from the moderator and they said that they were deleting a lot of recipes from off that post as many were submitted from the one member and they accidently deleted my post whilst doing this. They asked me to re-submit my recipe back onto the July Recipe of the month post (which I have now just done).
Perhaps yours was accidently removed at this same time also? That is all I can suggest to you.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Thanks for your reply Linda! I will re-post my recipe and i'm glad IYKWIM that someone elses recipe also went missing! I was begining to get quite stroppy about it!!

Thanks again!

mum of 1

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