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I have a beautiful 7 month old girl and was just wondering if anyone had any different ideas of what to feed her, i think we've both had enough of boiled veg and tinned fruit. any ideas would be appreciated

I have a 7mth old too and we're in the same boat - she's getting sick of tinned fruit and doesn't like the meat and veg tinned food or any mashed veges! (I can't get any food advice out of the Child Health Nurses) Just looked at the "Your Recipes" section and there's a few good recipes there so I think I'll make some lentil and beef stews up! My Sienna loves yoghurt too - I wasn't too sure of which one to get for her tummy but the 'Wiggles' one says from 6mths and she loves it!

Tan, Tannum Sands, 4yr & 7mth olds

i have always been told from 6 months let them try everything except things like nuts, honey, sugar and to much salt. the only way you will now if they can eat it is try it, i now it is scary but hey when we were babies our mums never had books or anything so just try a little bit of something new and give it a few days.
i make trey all his food, like lamb with potato, carrot, swede and leek or rice with capsicum, zucchini,potato. i also do other meats with all his vegies i just change it every 4 days so he gets used to it and i can see how he reacts to. i enjoy making new thing to and that way i now what he is getting, and with fruit after 6 months they can even have orang e to suck on not to much though because it will go straight through them.
anyways i hope that helps
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