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Slow cooker- potato bake Rss

Yes, yes wrong section- blahdy smite me oh powerful Huggies smiter! I would happily post in the recipe sdection but I just need a reply soonish and it can take days in there.

So Ive finally jumped on the slow cooker bandwagon and I love it so much I want to marry it- now I see what you girls love about them! I have seen the light!!

Just wondering if anyone knows if I can do a potato bake in it- and if so can I just use the same recipe as I do when it goes in the oven( basic cream, onion, bacon, cheese). Im assuming maybe I'll have to add some milk or something to increase the liquid in the slowy?
I prefer not to use things like cans of soup in it because of the salt content.

Cheers chicksters smile

Just a guess but my potato bake only takes an hour in the oven. So I dont think you would need to add anymore liquid the only thing in the slow cooker it aint going to brown the cheese.
Yeah I know it doesnt take long in the oven, Im just hoping that if I can put it in the slow cooker soonish its one less thing I have to do later this arvo- its usually when my 20 month old DD & 6 month old DS get their cranky pants on, then its feeding time at the zoo- and every spare second Ive got goes to studying (doing a full time uni course). So yeah, just trying to free up a bit of time while I have the chance.
Not worried about cheese not browning, just love the way it melts in with the cream and MMmmmm, deliciousness!!
Cheers for the liquid advice though smile

You could adapt one from this link. Good luck!
And how do you set the garbage disposals so that the child cannot reach? I'm planning to take this one —
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