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Does anyone have a good recipe for a tuna bake? I'm not overly keen on the stuff but DH loves tuna and wants me to cook one. Thanks
hi there,
i wasnt keen on tuna at all untill dp introduced me to tuna mornay, he got the recipe from just type in tuna mornay. the recipe is sooo easy and basic and it says to make ur own breadcrumbs but we just use the bought crumbs and it tastes just as great!
good luck
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Hi there,

I make a tuna cassrole - cook up some pasta or rice, tip it into a cassrole dish. Add some tuna (i usually use Tuna with Onion and Tomato or whatever it is called), then mix up a white sauce. Pour the white sauce over the tuna and pasta, and some cheese and stick into the oven until melted. My husband loves it and my DD also likes it.
I make it the same as as the PP except i add corn kernals and peas in it as well..
My girls and DH love it.
a really simple one is to just mix up a quick white sauce (melt butter add flour and then mix in milk) then cook off one onion and one glove of garlic then add one large can tuna and one can corn kernels and white sauce and just heat through. put into casserole dish and top with mash potato and grated cheese and then bake until golden... YUM!!


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