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Hi girls,

Just wondering if any of you have some yummy and easy casserole recipes. I seem to be making the same one over and over again.

hi, i do this really yummy lamb shank casserole (you can do it in the slowy too if you have one)

ingredients: serves 2

2 lamb shanks
half or one small sweet potato cut into medium chunks
bacon diced
2 gloves garlic crushed
beef stock
red or white wine (optional)

you just heat up a pan with a bit of oil and just brown the outside of the shanks then put into dish. heat the pan again and fry off onion, garlic, bacon, sweet potato and mushrooms and add to dish. pour over about 1-2 cups of stock (however much you think) and a splash or wine and then bake in oven 180c covered for about 1 hour and uncovered about 20min.

its is quite filling so i don't serve it with much maybe a corn cob or a little salad. once you take the shanks out i just thinken the sauce up a bit with gravox and then spoon it all over the top.... YUM!!!

if doing it in the slowy just add everything (including the corn)and i cook it on low for about 6-8hours doing the same thing with the sauce at the end.


Thanks for that, it sounds yummy. DH loves lamb shanks.

I am in a cooking rut at the moment and desperatley need inspiration.

Thanks again...
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