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In the Night Garden Birthday Cake Rss

Someone on here made a number 2 cake with all the ITNG characters around it and it looked great. DD2's Birthday is coming up in December and I would like to make it. I just need the pic to look at, so has anyone saved the thread, or is the person who made it on atm? TIA
I did a copy of it for a family cake - but it was mumofkayla who did it - may also be in my post history if I cant find it I will put my one up.

i have bumped the thread for you

Thanks for that but the pics have all been deleted sad Will have to try get mumofkayla to put them back up.
OMG! You must have read my mind, i was just thinking about the exact same thing this morning and was going to start a post asking who it was that made that cake! So thankyou, DS2's birthday is the 3rd of Jan and he is obsessed with ITNG so i was wanting to make the same cake smile]

Oh, cool. Yeah, DD2 is totally obsessed as well. Last year I made her Iggle Piggle and she is still obsessed this year. I thought I'd go with the same theme. I think Upsy Daisy might be a bit hard for me, so I really wanna see this other cake!
I will try find mine to put up then, though hers was better hehe I didnt include the bridge or the ninky nonk I only had the figures and it wasnt her party cake so I wasnt going all out lol

OK my links arent working at the moment but I will try anyway.
Cake 1
Cake 2

Thanks heaps, it looks great! Do you just get the little characters from Big W or something? We have heaps of ITNG merchandise, just not figurines like that.
Yep I think the cheapest place I have seen them is kmart. I was going to get the playdough kit they have and make them out of fondant but I couldnt be bothered hehe - Specially as I did the big red car for her party heeh

here is the one i made for DS last year.

i got the figureines from toys r us all the characters and the ninky nonk for $34.

I have that Ninky Nonk, I didn't even think of using it in the cake. Good idea!
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