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Hi everyone,
My son is 18months old and bearly eating lunch and dinner. I am trying to not give in to giving him too many snacks but I am quickly running out of ideas to get some vegies in him. If any of you have ideas can you please let me know?? Thankx that'd be great! My partner and I are getting frustrated and I know it's just a toddler thing but he used to be an amazing eater and loved all his fruit and vegies. These days I have to try and get some v8 juice into him so I feel like he's getting some sort of nutrients.
Hmm...your life seems to be mirroring, im a Nikki, my 3 yr old is so fussy with his Vegies, it started around 15mnths or so....your son's name isn't Cooper is it...? lol

I can't really offer you lots of advice im sorry, im in the same boat really. I grate and cut up finely his Vegies now and pop them in a Lasagne or Spag Bol or something like that. If he gets one little inkling of a Vegie in his food...he gags and spits it out, lil bugger! Its very frustrating hey!

The only think i can suggest is "hiding" it in food, not ideal, as you want them to enjoy them, but i figure if it gets some Vegies down, its all good!

Does your DS eat Fruit? Our Paedeatrician said not to stress too much about the Vegies, they get alot of Nutrients from fruit too.

Try blending your own Vegies and Fruit up, look on the net for nice combinations, and give it to him as a juice, or freeze as an iceblock. That way your not getting alot of the salt and sugars in the V8 Juice.

Good luck with it!


Yep I have a Cooper!! Is your son Cooper 2? Now if you say your real name is Nicola I will def be freaking out. Lol.

Yer it's food in general this week not just vegies so It's not just about the vegies unfortunately. Which makes it so much harder, I'm so over it. V8 juice goes down pretty good and so does youghurt so I'm starting to think that hopefully it's just the teeth.

Speaking of Coop he is having a cry, better go, will finish post later.

LOL yep i sure do have a Cooper (choppy) but no, im really a Nicole Lol, almost!! haha

If he is off alot of his food, then yeah, most likely the teeth. Try giving a teething gel/tablet (Hylands, they dissolve on the tongue) about 20 mins Before food, see if that makes a difference. Also throw some mashed up fruit, mixed in plain yoghurt in the freezer for a bit, make it a nice lil iceblock for his teeth maybe.

Good luck with it!!


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