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Mince... Rss

Does anyone have a quick easy mince recipe that someone with the flu could handle cooking?

how about the mince, an egg, bit of breadcrumbs, tomato and bbq sauce salt and pepper or seasoning, micx around r9oll into balls in flour, make some mash, stick them on top of your mash mountain..all done
or you could just make them in a hamburger pattie shape put between 2 slices of toast with some cooked egg and salad and bacon.. easy as. just depends what si n your pantry or freeezer/frigde to use.
Herb Beef Macaroni?

1 cup uncooked macaroni
500g mince
1 onion
100g diced bacon
1 lg tin tomato soup
2 beef stock cubes
1/2 teas mixed herbs
1 cup water

Boil macaroni 10-15 min until cooked. Meanwhile saute onion & bacon. Add mince and brown. Add tomato soup, stock cubes (crumbled), herbs and water. Simmer 15 min. Add cooked macaroni. Dot with parsley to serve.
chow mein (healthy and so quick n easy!)
500g beef mince
1 quarter cabbage
1 carrot julienned
a broccoli cut into smallish pieces
1 packet 45g chicken noddle soup
1 teaspoon curry powder
2 cups of water
serve with rice or noodles

brown mince in a little butter or oil, add all ingredients and simmer for 20 mins or untill veges r softened!!
Keep a cool hamburger soup recipe.

How To Make Hangover Soup

There are many ingredients. And the soup is very nourishing and tasty.
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